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Omnimedia Group is a Spanish owned media company producing high quality, industry specific, trade magazines in print and digital versions. It organizes events and conferences.
Energetica XXI www.energetica21.com
Last edition  http://www.energetica21.com/revistas-digitales/julio-agosto-internacional-2013

Energetica XXI is over 10 years in the market and the leading publication for power generation in Spain. Due to the magazine being in Spanish we also have a number of South American readers in the digital format of the publication and are very keen to explore opportunities in this region.
EcoConstrucción  www.ecoconstruccion.net

Last edition    http://www.ecoconstruccion.net/es/revista-digital/edicion/abril-2014/
Produced 4 times per year is a Magazine for the construction industry “EcoConstrucción”, Information for sustainable building, urban planning and energy efficiency in construction.

Energetica India www.energetica-india.net
Last edition http://www.energetica-india.net/magazine/july-august-2013

Energetica India was created in 2008 and is the most recognized Indian magazine for the power generation market. The success of this magazine is due to the experience gained from Energetica XXI and then applied to the Indian market and delivered in a way which was not before seen in the continent. Energetica India is the only Indian magazine you will find at any International events. The interest in the Indian market has been driving this publication forward and we are expecting this to continue well into the future. We have an office in Mumbai and a team that liaises with me on a daily basis.  

Ecoconstruction India  www.ecoconstruction-india.com

Last edition http://www.ecoconstruction-india.com/magazine/summer-2013-2013

We have launched this magazine last year. As you can see at the web page, it covers building, infrastructure, public works and machinery equipments.

It’s a construction magazine but focused on sustainable aspects, as the market in India for construction is big.

Energetica International www.energetica-international.com
Last edition     http://www.energetica21.com/revistas-digitales/julio-agosto-international-2014

Energetica International Magazine was launched two years ago and has proved to be an interesting addition to our portfolio as it is in English or bilingual (Spanish –English). We cover the most interesting international events with it. Energetica International has also  a web portal only for the latest news, company updates, product information and so forth. We update the news on a daily basis and have separated the various geographic locations so that the viewer can simply click on the region of interest.

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