South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The EE & RE Exhibition & Conference is a business and knowledge platform for the key industry players to meet and discuss solutions for advancing South-East Europe's energy future. It covers all sectors of renewable energy and energy saving technologies – solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, LED, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, batteries and power systems, green buildings, etc.

International Environmental Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management and Recycling for South-East Europe

Save the Planet Exhibition and Conference encourage the technology transfer to the South-East European market, which is in a major need of advanced equipment in the waste management, recycling and environment sectors. It will provide participants with a quick market entry opportunity – they will meet face-to-face new partners and customers, searching for innovative products & services needed to achieve their waste minimization and recycling goals.

Smart Cities International Exhibition

Today's cities are under stress. The ongoing technologies and the advanced experience can transform them into more resilient systems in terms of energy, mobility and transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource efficiency. Smart Cities is one of the business-oriented events in South-East Europe combining conference and exhibition in its format.

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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy::Vilmat Holding AD

Smart Touch Mirrors

ВИЛМАТ - Международно изложение "Интелигентни градове"

Smart Touch Mirrors

Elegant LifeStyle

Effective time management is an essential factor in increasing production of day-to-day life.
Technology molds to our schedule and it is a time-saving convenience of having full control and information available during typical bathroom and living room routines.

HomeTouch is a smart home touch mirror technology, used in modern home automation as well as public spaces advertising and audience analytics. HomeTouch mirrors have a unique optical glass surface that enhances the picture quality of the LED display. When the screen is switched on the images magically appear through the mirror glass, then when the display device is switched off the screen surface reverts back to a normal mirror.

Web applications, weather, Facebook, Twitter, News, To-do list, Calendar, Music, you name it.
The smart mirror apps are run from an embedded player or a central home automation server.

Smart multi-touch mirror 2410TA

Media Player
Sound Communication Mounts
Power supply

Safety mirror panel with chrome frame
DarkSilver mirror
24” multi-touch FullHD LED display 1080p
Octa-Core 3Ghz 2GB, 8GB eMMC, Android 4.4
Premium integrated speakers
Built-in Wi-Fi, RJ45 LAN, HDMI, USB, card reader
Aluminum on-wall mounting system or stand
200-240V/50Hz 100W
IR RC, Remote control by server over LAN
H 2000mm x W 700mm x D 50mm
2 years. CE, UL, ЕuP, ROHS, WiFi, EMC, FCC

Frameless or Framed (Aluminum, Stainless steel or Antique wood frames)
Available Sizes 20”, 24”, 27", 32", 43", 49", 55", 65", 70", 84"
Available Colors Pearl White, LightSilver, DarkSilver, Anthracite, Carbon, Black
BlueTooth Wireless stereo system with control volume illuminated touchpad
Lighted Mirror Adaptive lighting LED light with brightness control touchpad
Voice control Voice recognition system to play music, post a tweet, or add a task
Soundbar Hi-Fi SRS soundbar that allow for local music playback
Auto-on and off Embedded motion sensor or user analytics HD webcam

We manufacture in Bulgaria and ship worldwide – if you need further information, a quote, or want to become a reseller, contact us.
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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy::Vilmat Holding AD
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