South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The EE & RE Exhibition & Conference is a business and knowledge platform for the key industry players to meet and discuss solutions for advancing South-East Europe's energy future. It covers all sectors of renewable energy and energy saving technologies – solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, LED, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, batteries and power systems, green buildings, etc.

International Environmental Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management and Recycling for South-East Europe

Save the Planet Exhibition and Conference encourage the technology transfer to the South-East European market, which is in a major need of advanced equipment in the waste management, recycling and environment sectors. It will provide participants with a quick market entry opportunity – they will meet face-to-face new partners and customers, searching for innovative products & services needed to achieve their waste minimization and recycling goals.

Smart Cities International Exhibition

Today's cities are under stress. The ongoing technologies and the advanced experience can transform them into more resilient systems in terms of energy, mobility and transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource efficiency. Smart Cities is one of the business-oriented events in South-East Europe combining conference and exhibition in its format.

Komptech GmbH

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy::Komptech GmbH

From two to one - the new stone and light material separator from Komptech

The new Komptech Hurrifex puts a stone separator and wind sifter into a single machine. Stones, inert and light items can now be removed from a wide variety of material streams in a single work step with a high degree of separation and very economically.

Turning waste into recyclables - that’s the credo of the waste business. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. Effectiveness is often limited by inadequate technology and high costs, making the whole process uneconomical. For years, Komptech’s research focus has been on the development of work-ready machines that deploy many different separation methods to open up completely new possibilities. The result of this effort is one of the market’s largest lines of trommel and star screens, wind sifters and separators. One example is the Stonefex, which clears stones out of biomass fuels. Using differences in air resistance and density, the machine gets stones out of the woody fraction like no other mobile machine can.

Combining stone separation and wind sifting
Our customers have to get rid of light contraries as well as stones. Inspired by this fact, we developed a machine that combines the functions of the Stonefex and the Hurrikan S wind sifter. Called the Hurrifex, it removes stones and light items from material streams with a separation rate of up to 95 percent. The advantages are obvious. Separation requires just one process on one machine, saving space, material handling effort, energy costs and transportation costs, which are naturally a major factor. Service providers in particular appreciate being able to offer multiple material cleaning services with just one machine.

Broad applications
The Hurrifex gets stones and plastic film out of biomass. It also separates film and wood materials out of stone fractions. Whichever fraction the target yield may be, the machine always delivers the desired result. Another application is cleaning up screen overflow from compost. The cleaned overflow can be returned to the compost as structure material. Doing this prevents the accumulation of stones and plastic that often happens when material is returned multiple times. The cleaned screen overflow can naturally also be used as a biomass fuel.

Waste wood processing offers many promising applications, as does mixed construction waste processing. In the latter, wood and light fractions are separated from the heavier mineral fractions, enabling subsequent processing of each specific fraction.

The input material normally passes through a screener before entering the Hurrifex. The Hurrifex is designed for a 10 to 150 mm grain, and as long as the material feed is consistent it delivers outstanding separation results. Depending on the material and target degree of separation, throughput can be as high as 60 cubic metres per hour, or higher in some cases.

Suction fans set up an air flow and pull out the light materials, first and foremost plastic film. Fan speed is easily controllable from the control panel. The stone fraction is removed to the side by a corrugated edge belt while light materials are blown into containers through flexible ducts.

“green efficiency®” and the Hurrifex
In accordance with Komptech’s green efficiency® criteria, the Hurrifex is designed to get maximum performance from minimum energy. All components are electrically driven. The fans are aerodynamically optimized, and the entire machine is designed to run on grid electricity as standard. A low-emissions diesel generator is available as an option for users who need off-grid flexibility.

Built to the highest standards
Easy maintenance access is a standard feature: The outside panels function as doors, making the motor compartment and all other areas simple to get to. The suction and conveyor fans can be accessed by a maintenance platform and folded upward for servicing. On the inside, the Hurrifex is built on a sturdy, torsion-resistant steel beam frame. Customers can choose between two chassis variants, a tandem centre-axle version and a semi-trailer.

We are confident that the Hurrifex has other talents even we aren’t aware of, and that the list of successful applications is by no means complete. So our technicians are always on the lookout for tricky challenges and opportunities to work with users to see just what else this new machine can do.


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy::Komptech GmbH
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