Smart Cities International Exhibition

Today's cities are under stress. The ongoing technologies and the advanced experience can transform them into more resilient systems in terms of energy, mobility and transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource efficiency.
Smart Cities is one of the business-oriented events in South-East Europe combining conference and exhibition in its format.  Today's cities are under stress. The ongoing technologies and the advanced experience can transform them into more resilient systems in terms of energy, mobility and transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource efficiency.
Smart Cities is one of the business-oriented events in South-East Europe combining conference and exhibition in its format.  
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Via Expo - Your Business Development Partner at the Balkans


In the digital age events remain the most powerful marketing tools for direct business. Via Expo is an organizer of high-level specialized international exhibitions and conferences in key industry fields in Sofia, Bulgaria. They facilitate and accelerate the entering of new products and technologies into the South-East European market by linking it with international know-how. Attention to detail, comprehensive promotion, young and creative team - all these bring participants and visitors the desired result - more valued contacts, more new clients, more fresh market ideas.

We work in the following sectors: energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, recycling, environment, elevators & escalators, organic products, gifts, packaging and food.  Last years we added to our branch events such topics as  intelligent buildings, smart cities and ICT. Our 20 years experience allows us to develop constantly new concepts and keep pace with latest trends.

Via Expo is the first event organizer in Bulgaria which in 1994 began to make computer visitor registration and statistics of visitor profile. We cooperate closely with a great number of prestigious media, industry chambers, branch associations, trade and commercial sections and fair organizers from Europe, Asia and North America.

As additional services we offer to our clients:

  • Organization of business-to-business matchmaking meetings
  • Stand construction
  • Furniture rental
  • Various advertising opportunities
  • Hotel Accommodation



Via Expo is a Member of:

Bulgarian Association of Recycling

Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association

Bulgarian- Swiss Chamber of Commerce

German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Bulgarian Industrial Association

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