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‘Smart Cities’ – Exhibition and Conference for South - East Europe

Date: 5-7 April 2016
Frequency: Annual
Organizer: Via Expo
Venue: Sofia, Inter Expo Center
The Smart Cities Exhibition & Conference 2015 presented new technologies which transformed today’s cities into sustainable systems spending less energy and resources. The number of exhibitors was doubled. Distance street lighting management system, LED illuminators, Wi-Fi technologies, mobile ticketing service for public transport, ultra-compact electric vehicle, ‘Smart House’ software, etc. caught the visitors’ interest.   

The conference program embraced issues like renewable energy storage, energy efficiency, smart ticketing in urban e-mobility, smart metering, market strategies and financing instruments for smart cities projects, etc.

Speakers from Architects’ Council of Europe, Calypso Networks Association (Croatia), International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance IBESA (Germany), Etra (Spain), Austrian Energy Agency, Covenant of Mayors (Belgium), Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Telelink (Bulgaria) and Alvarion Technologies (Israel) joined the conference.

‘There are many opportunities for collaboration with Bulgarian cities and potential partners. We made many contacts during our stay at the exhibition and conferences, and it seems a really interesting potential market.’ – says Miguel Ángel García from CARTIF, Spain.

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Cold-Weather Performance of Polyisocyanurate

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Workshops Set to Spur High-Performance Windows

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Hygrothermal Software Sometimes Yields False Results

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Finding the Small House Sweet Spot

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A Green Guide for Native Americans

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Green Building Council Names Home of the Year

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A New Course Offering from Marc Rosenbaum

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Here Are the Basics on Passivhaus

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Can Unvented Roof Assemblies Be Insulated With Fiberglass?

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Oregon House Wins DOE Award

Subtitle:  Pumpkin Ridge, a Passivhaus-certified home built by Hammer & Hand, has won a Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award Images: A Passivhaus-certified residence in North Plains, Oregon, has won a 2015 Housing Innovation Award from the Department of Energy...
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Google Launches a Solar Estimator

Subtitle:  Project Sunroof estimates the amount of available rooftop space for solar panels, and how much energy they would generate Images: A pilot program just launched by Google gives homeowners in a few U.S...
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Tiny House Jamboree Draws 40,000

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19/08/15|03:38 --


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