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‘Smart Cities’ – Exhibition and Conference for South - East Europe

Date: 5-7 April 2016
Frequency: Annual
Organizer: Via Expo
Venue: Sofia, Inter Expo Center
The Smart Cities Exhibition & Conference 2015 presented new technologies which transformed today’s cities into sustainable systems spending less energy and resources. The number of exhibitors was doubled. Distance street lighting management system, LED illuminators, Wi-Fi technologies, mobile ticketing service for public transport, ultra-compact electric vehicle, ‘Smart House’ software, etc. caught the visitors’ interest.   

The conference program embraced issues like renewable energy storage, energy efficiency, smart ticketing in urban e-mobility, smart metering, market strategies and financing instruments for smart cities projects, etc.

Speakers from Architects’ Council of Europe, Calypso Networks Association (Croatia), International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance IBESA (Germany), Etra (Spain), Austrian Energy Agency, Covenant of Mayors (Belgium), Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Telelink (Bulgaria) and Alvarion Technologies (Israel) joined the conference.

‘There are many opportunities for collaboration with Bulgarian cities and potential partners. We made many contacts during our stay at the exhibition and conferences, and it seems a really interesting potential market.’ – says Miguel Ángel García from CARTIF, Spain.

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A New Version of WUFI is Available

Subtitle:  This release of the energy modeling software includes a version that can be downloaded for free Images: The company that develops WUFI energy modeling software has released an update, WUFI Passive 3.0, as well as a version without all the bells and whistles that can be downloaded for free...
29/06/15|12:32 --

Hygric Buffering and Hygric Redistribution

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A California Builder Makes Artificial Turf Standard

Subtitle:  In a region hard hit by drought, this builder offers real grass only as an option Images: The continuing drought in California is convincing builders to modify what they offer prospective homebuyers in the way of landscaping...
26/06/15|12:37 --

Blows Against Two Carbon Reduction Strategies

Subtitle:  Environmental groups challenge assumptions used to justify biomass fuel while economists lambaste federal weatherization program Images: Two important underpinnings of government efforts to reduce carbon emissions and head off climate change aren't looking like such good bets after all...
25/06/15|11:39 --

Recycled PVC Raises Health Concerns

Subtitle:  A report from the Healthy Building Network finds that levels of lead in vinyl flooring made with recycled plastics can be alarmingly high Images: Some new vinylCommon term for polyvinyl chloride (PVC)...
24/06/15|11:48 --

In Colorado, Even the Rain Is Spoken For

Subtitle:  State law prohibits homeowners from using rain barrels, and efforts to change the law have failed Images: Residents in California and other Western states are being encouraged to capture rainfall and use it to water their gardens, relieving municipal supplies and wells from some of the pressure being felt as the region continues to suffer a crippling drought...
23/06/15|01:31 --

Belarus and its renewable energy legislation

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helps Belarus to improve its renewable...
23/06/15|09:25 --

New Life for Old Electric Vehicle Batteries

Subtitle:  Nissan and General Motors find a way to give batteries a second life, solving two problems at once Images: The batteries that power electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt still have as much as 80 percent of their storage capacity when they're replaced, and figuring out what to do with them has been a headache for manufacturers...
22/06/15|12:28 --

How To Buy a Ductless Minisplit

Prime:  prime Subtitle:  This cheat sheet is intended for designers and builders who are confused by available equipment options Images: Green builders usually specify high-performance windows and above-code levels of insulation, while striving to reduce air leaks in their homes...
19/06/15|02:31 --

Work Begins on World’s Tallest Passivhaus High-Rise

Subtitle:  The tower on Roosevelt Island in New York will be 270 feet high and contain 350 housing units Images: Work has started on a 26-story apartment building in New York that when completed in 2017 will be the world's tallest and largest PassivhausA residential building construction standard requiring very low levels of air leakage, very high levels of insulation, and windows with a very low U-factor...
19/06/15|11:55 --

Minnesota OKs Special Rates for Electric Vehicles

Subtitle:  Regulators say the new rates will help customers better manage their bills and power use Images: Minnesota now requires investor-owned electric utilities to offer special rate plans for owners of electric vehicles...
18/06/15|11:52 --

Renewables 2015 Global Status Report is now available

Renewable Energy’s Record YearHelps Uncouple Growth of Global Economy and CO2 Emissions
18/06/15|09:06 --

New Book Details I-Joist Construction

Subtitle:  A free, downloadable guide explains how to use I-joists (and avoid foam insulation) in high-performance buildings Images: A company specializing in materials for high-performance buildings has published the second in its series of ebooks on building techniques, this one focused on the use of I-joists...
17/06/15|11:40 --

Lithuania may overstep its 2020 renewable energy target

Lithuania and 18 other EU member states may overstep their 2020 renewable energy targets.
17/06/15|09:29 --

Industry Group Publishes Solar Guide

Subtitle:  The pamphlet offers basic advice on buying or leasing a residential photovoltaic system Images: A trade group representing manufacturers, retailers and installers of photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight...
16/06/15|10:33 --

Study Says Solar Can Power the World

Subtitle:  Massive deployment of PV will be key to addressing climate change, but research, more investment, and policy changes are still needed Images: A study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds that there is more than enough solar energy potential to meet current and future demands for energy, providing that research continues on developing more advanced solar panels and lots more money is invested in deploying them...
15/06/15|01:08 --

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