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Welcome Messages & Testimonials

‘I am happy to welcome the organizer and the delegates of this year’s International Forum 2014. The continued engagement of high ranking experts with the issues of energy efficiency and smart growth is a positive signal for the increasing importance they attain in the public debate. I have repeatedly emphasized that these topics need to be more visible and in the focus of the public attention.’  Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria

‘Historically speaking, Bulgarian towns have always been engines of industry, spirituality and progress of society. One of the biggest challenges facing Bulgaria today is how to adapt them to the new realities and transform them into smart cities with sustainable and green urban environment, with efficient and environmentally friendly urban transport, with energy efficient buildings. Recognizing the need of reducing energy consumption and the formation of a new environmental culture, the Ministry of Regional Development put energy efficiency among its top priorities, which is reflected in the new Operational Program Regions in Growth 2014-2020.’ Desislava Terzieva, Minister of Regional Development

‘The present event supports our common efforts, giving the opportunity to highly respected professionals to introduce and discuss various aspects of waste management, promote latest technologies and good practices, tendencies in the European and national legislation and its application. I assure you that the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water will work actively for implementing a successful, technologically relevant, effective and sustainable policy for waste management in Bulgaria.’ Iskra Mihaylova, Minister of Environment and Water

‘The realization of this year’s SEE Forum shows that a growing number of businesses in South-East Europe are willing to play an active role in building a more climate-friendly and energy-efficient economy. ’Jos Delbeke, Director-General for Climate Action, European Commission, Belgium

‘The forthcoming program period opens new perspectives for the municipalities to benefit from financing and foreign experience. I believe that this Conference offers me the ideal opportunity to connect and work together with regional environmental professionals in the near future.’ Kristof De Smet, President, European Network of Environmental Professionals, Belgium

‘Lots of knowledge and good practices have been developed over the past years and it is crucial to share and capitalize on this expertise. It has been one of the core activities of ACR+ for the past 20 years and it is also the purpose of ‘Save the Planet’ to bring experts from various horizons altogether for a greater, greener future.’ Françoise Bonnet, Secretary General, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management, Belgium

‘We would like to thank you for the good ongoing cooperation and we hope that the Austrian participation next year will be as strong as this year.’ Dr. Michael Angerer, Commercial Counselor, Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria

‘I would like to express our satisfaction from the mutual collaboration with Via Expo during the past years and especially during this year’s Eco Forum. Thanks to your proactive and tailor-made approach our seminar was a big success. For the Netherlands, as a leading country in the field of environmental technologies and innovations, this is the Forum not to be missed in Bulgaria.’ Monica Nikolova, Senior Economic and Commercial Officer, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

‘It was a great event. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you.’ Ambassador Traian Chebeleu, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

‘The event was very professionally organized with very interesting selection of topics and speakers, tight program and completeness of the presented lectures.’ Miriana Alexandrova, Embassy of Norway

‘It was a great pleasure to participate in such large scale green event that promotes specific ideas and working models in the Region.’ Milen Atanasov, ‘Green Light’, Bulgarian National Television, Bulgaria

‘The organization of the exhibition was at an international level. My interest was attracted by the Austrian Pavilion and German participants. I made new contacts with some Bulgarian companies and hope to start with them joint projects. I met also representatives of one Austrian company that could be our supplier of products supplementing our product range.’ Galin Manchev, Integral Investment Ltd., Bulgaria

‘We are satisfied by the event organization and professional visitors which showed an interest in our products. We will participate again in 2015’. Asen Dimitrov, Entel TTT, Bulgaria

‘I did find practical benefit of the Conference presentations and they are applicable to our company. I got some useful information for a potential business activity in South-East Europe.’ Ing. Guido Rampinelli, Termigas S.p.A., Italy

‘The integration of the conferences and the exhibitions gave the participants of both events opportunities for new business contacts and exchange of knowledge. Very good selected speakers and a wide range of exhibitors made the visit a successful business trip.’ Heiko Schmidt, German Association of Environmental Professionals (VNU)

‘I was surprised about the great number of participating institutions and companies as well as on the high level of expertise there’ Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Walter Somitsch, Ingenieurbüro , Austria

‘Congratulations to the team for its efforts and persistence in realizing the event, which is an important and perspective for the further development of the sectors facing the challenges to the Bulgarian municipalities and public authorities.’ Zdravko Sechkov, Foundation for Local Government Reform

‘We will be very glad to continue working with Via Expo to realize this exciting Forum.’ Nikolay Sidjimov, Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts

‘Our exhibitors from the Austrian Pavilion were all in all very satisfied with the show! EE & RES and ’Save the Planet’ are - no doubt - the most important platforms for the fields of renewable energy and environment technology for the whole region, not only Bulgaria. Experts from whole Europe meet specialists from SEE and inform and discuss about solutions and latest technologies to save energy and our environment. A very successful mixture! So we are planning to enlarge the Austrian participation in 2013.’ Ivo Duerr, International Trade Show Agency, Vienna, Organizer of the Austrian Pavilion

‘Thank you for doing such a great job with the event. Look forward to next year.’ David Sweet, World Association for Decentralized Energy (WADE), USA

‘We would like to thank Via Expo for their flexibility and professional approach in organizing the event.’ Anelia Stoyanova, Global Wind Power, Bulgaria

Well prepared and organized, best notes from us! Well done! Antonio Dzaja, Davide Gran, Heliocentris, Germany

‘I would like once again to express my warm congratulations for organizing such a great event, with an impressive participation.’ Ambassador Traian Chebeleu, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), Turkey

Thank you very much for your perfect organization! Dr. Peter Hodecek, AVE Energie AG Oberösterreich Umwelt GmbH, Austria

’The participation in the Congress enabled us to exchange experience on the problems of the various stakeholders involved in the chain of production and consumption of renewable energy.’Denitsa Pandeva, Bulgarian Executive Forestry Agency

‘We are glad that we achieved our objectives. It is very important for us to participate in such major initiatives related to the energy efficiency because we are convinced that ETEM has a key role in this sector in Bulgaria.’ Mr. Bulionis, ETEM Bulgaria

‘There was significant interest in the products of Hill & Smith from companies from Croatia, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic and Serbia, which contributed to the creation of useful contacts in these countries. Most of the companies, working in the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria, participated in the exhibiton. This enabled us to maintain the already established business relationships. ’Julia Koleva, Hill & Smith, Bulgaria

‘The South-East European Exhibition and Congress on EE & RE, SEE Solar and ‘Save the Planet’ are undoubtedly one of the best business-to-business events in the Region. They provide participants with an opportunity to meet potential clients, partners and investors.’ Antonia Petkova, SEE News

‘I'm definitely pleased with my visit, we established many useful contacts. I will visit the exhibition again in 2013' Bozhil Bozhilov, ALUMIL Bulgaria Ltd.

‘We are satisfied with the visit and we made a lot of professional contacts. Certainly we will visit the exhibition in 2013.’ Dimitar Staykov, WINSLOW Group, Bulgaria

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Adopting a Green Lifestyle

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EUR 150 Mio support for a biomass and waste-fired cogeneration plant in Lithuania approved by the EC

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Apartment Owner Makes Unusually Big Push for Solar

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Lawmakers Try to Prop Up the Sagging Biomass Industry

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Being a Carpenter Isn’t Simple Anymore

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Passive House Building in the Digital Age

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SolarCity is Getting Into the Roofing Shingle Business

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One step towards decarbonisation in Romania

More than 50% of electricity were provided by renewable sources on two consecutive days in August...
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Couple Sacrifices Electricity in Smart Meter Dispute

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