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China helps BIPV

Peking launches the Sun Golden Programme in order to boost the application of the BIPV ( Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic) technology.

Integrated solar plants are the ones in which panels are incorporated in the building envelope itself ( they are installed for example into the roof covers, or they stay for windows, and so on...); despite the cost - per -piece is higher than for the classical solar panels, this technology offers so many aesthetical and functional benefits to result - on balance - totally more efficient than the traditional one. That's the reason of the Governments' increasing interest toward these applications.

Through Golden Sun Programme, besides helping the local Pv manifactures, the Central Governement means to enhance the diffusion of general solar devices all over the large province ( where it's rather sporadic to this day), especially in the public structures construction, such as for schools, hospitals and amministrative services.

Programme entry requirements are: first of all, crystalline silicon panels to have a rate of energy conversion not lower than 15%, and amorphus silicon ones a rate of at least 8% ; then the modules must be produced by the very supplying companies. The amount of subsides - that are different depending on the kind and location of the plants - is very attractive: from $ 0,88 per-watt in favor of projects applying classical Pv-tech or "basic" BIPV, to $ 1,12 per watt for more advanced BIPVs; while sums up to $ 4 per-watt will be granted to off-grid plants. June 30 2013 is the final limit to realize the designed buildings; projects ultimated beyond this date will however profit by public incentives, but of lower amount.

Besides to simple and integrated photovoltaic, the Chinese government has allocated funds for endowing all projects focusing on clean energies. These must be submitted by 15 November 2013, for the approval, to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology and National Board for the Energy.

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