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Daniella Dimitrova Russo
CEO of Think Beyond Plastic™

Daniella Russo is the founder of Think Beyond Plastic™, an innovation accelerator with focus on plastic pollution. She believes that intractable and complex social and environmental challenges can be addressed by harnessing the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the power of the markets to do good. Since 2009, she has led the development of an innovation eco-system to reduce the impact of petroleum-based plastic on the environment and public health, with special focus on ocean plastic.

Daniella Russo is a serial entrepreneur. Her experience includes executive management of businesses from start-up phase through an IPO, as well as within Fortune-500 companies such as Frame Technology, Infoseek, Sun Microsystems, and Xerox PARC. She is also a member of the Founders Board of Advisors at StartX Stanford Student Startup Accelerator.

Daniella Russo co-founded and led Plastic Pollution Coalition, and grew it to become the world’s largest NGO dedicated uniquely to ending plastic pollution. She serves on the Board of numerous NGOs and businesses, and is an Associate Professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies Graduate Program in International Policy and Management.



In the last 20 years, the world has consumed more plastic than the entire 20th century. Global plastic production has exploded, resulting in visible accumulations of plastic trash, a constant reminder of market failures in recycling, materials, manufacturing and design. Plastic pollution is a crisis in global governance, a market failure, a technological challenge, and a social justice issue.  It is also an untapped investment and innovation opportunity, in a market estimated at $500B and ready for disruption.

Think Beyond Plastic approaches intractable social and environmental challenges by harnessing the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the powers of the market to do good. To achieve this, it engineers an entire innovation eco-system: it sources and incubates innovations; it accelerates businesses; and cultivates and grows the impact investment engine to bring these innovations to market. Think Beyond Plastic projects using this approach are already in place in the United States, Northern Europe; the Caribbean and soon, Africa. Southern Europe presents a great next opportunity.  






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