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First Name, Surname: Gabriele Brandl
Business field/Department: Project management
Telephone/Fax: T. +43-1-586 15 24-185; T. +43-664-618 02 89
Education/Practice: Dipl. Ing. Agriculture/Agro-Economics
European Energy Manager (EUREM)

Previous task focus/Publications (selection): Consulting companies and non-profit organisations of different sectors by the implementation and improvement of their management systems according to energy (ISO 50001), environment (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001) and occupational health & safety (OHSAS 18001 and SCC)
Energy audits in companies to evaluate their energy perfomance and suggest measures for improvement
Internal audits according to energy- (ISO 50001), environmental- (ISO 14001), quality- (ISO 9001) and occupational health & safety (OHSAS 18001 and SCC) management systems
Trainings in the area of management systems, energy efficiency and energy audits
Safety technician

Current working task(s) and responsibilities within the Austrian Energy Agency: Project lead of international projects, especially in Eastern European countries
Project Manager of national projects in the area of energy efficiency
AEA Energy Manager regarding ISO 50001
Supporting the National Monitoring Body in the area of energy audits
Project lead of the internal project “Implementing and continuation of a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001”
Studies on energy efficiency tasks regarding to the EU directive on energy efficiency
Trainings relating to energy efficiency topics
Study Tours on energy efficiency and renewable energy topics
Energy contracting and ESCO mechanism



Implementation of Article 8 EED 2012/27/EU in Austria

To implement the EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, Austria enacted the Law on Energy Efficiency. In this Austrian Energy Efficiency Act, large companies are obligated to carry out an energy audit every four years or to implement a certified energy or environmental management system with an integrated energy audit. If a company chooses option 1, the energy audit must be done by a qualified external auditor. If the company chooses option 2, the energy audits can be carried out also by qualified internal auditors. With the Energy Efficiency Act, Austria also defined the qualification criteria for energy auditors.

Also additional criteria to Annex VI of the EED are defined by the Austrian Law on Energy Efficiency for energy audits. All defined criteria must be considered within energy audits. An energy audit must be carried out relating to the process structure of the European Standard EN 16247-1 Energy Audits - General Requirements. The EN 16247-1 includes the process steps for the audit process, as data collection, involvement of interested parties, on-site visits, analysis of data and reporting.
The Austrian Energy Agency is the Monitoring Body for the Energy Efficiency Act in Austria on behalf of the

Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics and evaluates Austria‘s progress in regard to energy efficiency.
























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