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Harm Grobrügge, Vice-President, European Biogas Association, Belgium

Harm Grobrügge operates his family’s farm in Northern Germany with an on-farm biogas plant installed in 1983. He has been active in the Fachverband Biogas since 1985 at various positions: Regional spokesman, Board member, representative with BEE (German Renewable Energy Federation), associate to the Clearingstelle-EEG.

Harm Grobrügge is a Vice-President of EBA since its founding in 2009. He has expertise in biogas support schemes, the creation of a 2030 framework for renewable energy and other EU strategies.





In his presentation participation, European Biogas Association will be briefly presented, followed by an overview of the current developments in the European anaerobic digestion sector. Close attention will be given to this technique’s environmental benefits in the agricultural sector, in particular avoiding GHG emissions and recycling valuable nutrients; social aspects will also be outlined. Then best practices will be introduced, followed by current challenges and future prospects.






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