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Jørgen Fink, Manager, Xergi A/S, Denmark

Jørgen Fink is born in Denmark in 1954. In 1978 he got his Master Degree as Chartered Surveyor from the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

He has since the early 1980’ties been working in the energy sector, starting with the natural gas introduction in Denmark in the beginning of the 1980’ties.

He was also involved in many CHP projects and since Mid-1990´ties the main focus has been biogas. He has worked in Denmark as well as abroad. He has lived in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. He started working for Xergi in 2007 as Country Manager responsible for the UK as well as other countries.



Handling Difficult Solid Biomasses in Biogas Plants

Many farmers are very interested in setting up biogas plants. This is special the case for many pig or dairy farmers with a lot of slurry. By treating the slurry in a biogas plant, they both produce green energy as biogas and a valuable bio-fertilizer.

However, slurry has a low dry matter content, which means that a biogas plant only processing slurry will have a low efficiency. Therefore, it is important to add other material. There is normally a lot of solid manure, straw, grass or similar material available but this can be difficult to handle. It is a challenge to feed into the plant and there is a high risk that the material is not properly mixed with the slurry, which may create a floating layer or other problems resulting in a lower gas production.

Therefore, pre-treatment of this material is necessary. Xergi has developed the X-chopper®, which can handle all these types of biomasses and allow a high proportion of solid material into the digester resulting in a much higher gas production.
The paper will present the X-chopper solution and give examples of biogas plants where this has been installed.


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