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Liyana Adjarova, Executive Director of the Energy Agency of Plovdiv

Liyana Adjarova is the Executive Director of the Energy Agency of Plovdiv. She has worked for 16 years in the field of EE and RES promotion, energy assessment and management, and has coordinated Bulgarian participation in several EC projects.

She has been involved in research work in contaminant characterization and analysis of natural systems, as well as in the development of monitoring methods and model evaluation, data management, and quality assurance. She has authored over 50 publications in the field of sustainable development, environmental and energy analyses.




Intelligent Energy Integration in Smart Cities

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv will present the establishment and operation of a platform for intelligent urban energy management – iURBAN in the city of Plovdiv. The platform joins public and private customers in a common database with real-time energy data sent by smart meters and allows for visualization, forecast, simulation, demand-response, etc. iURBAN has a decision support system that provides advice for optimisation of the urban energy balance. The intelligent urban energy tool provides data used to develop new business models and incorporate behavioral aspects which will contribute to the efficient management and distribution of the energy produced and consumed at the local level.





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