NIBE and of Ochsner heat pumps will be presented at the ‘EE & RE’ Exhibition for South-East Europe

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NIBE and of Ochsner heat pumps will be presented at the ‘EE & RE’ Exhibition for South-East Europe

Geothermal energy is considered unused wealth of Bulgaria. According to statistics, the country ranks first in Europe in geothermal potential per capita - 12,000 sources, and is  last in the use of this potential.
What are the technologies for its utilization and which are the companies on our market that work well in this sphere of renewable energy?

In several successive editions of our newsletter we will introduce to you the exhibitors participating in the ”Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy” Exhibition, operating in the  field of geothermal energy. We will start now with Termopompeni Sistemi Ltd. and in the next issue we will present Omnia Contractors Ltd.



Interview with Göran Johansson, Executive Director, Termopompeni Sistemi Ltd.



• Termopompeni Sistemi Ltd. is an authorized representative of NIBE AB in Bulgaria from 2009. What products are present in your product range?

NIBE AB is one of Europe's leading manufacturers in the industry of domestic heating systems. Termopompeni Sistemi Ltd. as the sole representative of NIBE AB for Bulgaria offers high-tech heat pump solutions for heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery that reflect today's requirements for sustainable development. Our main product range consists of heat pumps that use the free energy of the soil, water and air.
Our goal is to deliver products that provide hot water and ensure comfortable indoor climatic conditions both for households and for large industrial enterprises.

• It is known that Bulgaria has a great potential of geothermal energy, which is still utilized in a very small extent. What evaluation would you give to this particular market?

Geothermal energy is the heat coming from the bowels of the Earth. Throughout the year, at a depth of 10 m under the surface of the ground, the prevailing temperature is about 8-12 ° C. It is constant, practically inexhaustible and clean. The great potential of geothermal energy in Bulgaria lies in the availability of groundwater, which are abundant on the territory of our country. Our impressions from the activity in neighboring countries such as Romania are that groundwater temperature of 25-35 degrees makes the heat pump systems extremely efficient. The costs for this type of installations are considerably lower than those for the systems with boreholes or subterranean collectors.

• What are the benefits of introducing geothermal heat pumps and how long does the return on investment take?

The first benefit of course is financial. The installation of geothermal heat pump NIBE can reduce energy consumption by up to 80 %. This is due to the fact that the geothermal heat pump uses the earth, the surface layer of soil or groundwater as a primary energy source, and all these forms of energy are free.
Although the heat pump will not get paid back in the first month, you will notice immediately the financial advantages as the home heating bills will be much lower.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of the latest generation of geothermal heat pumps NIBE (they have a particularly high working range) has a positive effect on the rate of return of your investment - for single family homes it is often 5 to 7 years, and much faster for industrial buildings. The second reason to choose a geothermal heat pump NIBE is that it is extremely environmentally friendly and produces much smaller amounts of CO2 than a traditional heating system based on fossil fuels.

• You offer innovative heat pump series 'air/water‘. How are they are accepted by the market and what is specific for them?

Our new generation of heat pumps air/water uses a new type of scroll compressors whose refrigeration system with a special design injects freon in the middle of the compressor in order to cool it. Along with this, the optimal design of the other components of the device is making it a super efficient heat pump designed for cold climates. The new generation heat pump air/water can supply water with temperature up to 65° C at ambient temperature conditions of -250 C. 

NIBE AB produces several indoor modules to be combined with the outdoor corps of the heat pump system. These modules are equipped with a new generation controller, which can be connected to a number of different products and accessories (e.g., solar panels), can control several domestic heating systems with different temperature flows and can provide heat to your pool. It is already possible to perform the management of the heat pump system remotely through the Internet.

• Termopompeni Sistemi Ltd. will debut at the EE & RE Exhibition. Which is your target group and upon which products will you lay a special emphasis?

Our clients are people who are engaged in the construction of new or in the renovation of existing facilities, actively interested in new products that are economically advantageous  and create an ecological atmosphere ensuring a quiet and comfortable life. At the exhibition we will present several models of geothermal pumps, and a new generation of air/water heat pumps, which I already mentioned.

• Tell us more about the new generation air monoblock pump F2040 with an inverter controlled compressor.

This heat pump model is equipped with a double rotary inverter compressor and the work is controlled based on the momentary needs and this saves energy and reduces the number of times the compressor is being put in operation. When the outside temperature is low the compressor speeds up and runs near the rated capacity. All these functions are controlled by the new generation of management devices of NIBE AB.


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