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Arch. Nicholas Galabov, Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria

Arch. Nicholas Galabov has over twenty year of experience in the management and designs of construction investment projects.  Licensed architect in Bulgaria and California, with construction management certification form Lorman education. He is certified DGNB Consultant and “Green professional“ in California.

Nicholas has been involved in project management and designs of mixed-use, residential, office, industrial, retail and parking projects, public-private partnerships, “brownfield” and infrastructure projects both in USA and Bulgaria:
Golden LEED certified “Capitol Area East End Complex”, with over 1,4 million square feet floor area;  City of Sacramento Capitol area redevelopment plan;  The “green” warehouse of Heineken in Stara Zagora with excellent BREEAM certification;  A 110,000 s. m. gross area commercial complex in Sofia;  Sustainable renovation of ten, “socialist era” concrete panels residential buildings in Sofia. Nicholas is Vice- President of the Chamber of architects in Bulgaria – 2012/2016; Member of the Executive board of the Architects’ Council of Europe, coordinating work groups: „Environment and sustainable architecture”, “Urban issues” and “Housing” – 2011/2013. 

Expert to the European commission, “Horizon 2020” on energy efficiency; External expert to the Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria; Executive Board member of ACE – 2015/2017 in charge of the “Architects against global warming” campaign.



The climate of the Future

While the United Nations’ Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) estimated that “We actually have less than 20 years before we enter the territory of irreversible climate change “, the European Commission stated that “Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU.”  These declarations clearly recognize the importance of the build environment for the wellbeing of citizens, the responsibility of the architectural profession.  

The climate of our planet is changing because of the unsustainable models of development in the last decades because of the inadequate quality of the designs for cities and buildings.This is mainly due on the detrimental effects of the “low-cost” model of procurement. The twisted way of competing, reducing significantly the quality of designs and harming public interests.  

Our cities need new inspirations, new designs, a new low-carbon comprehensive experts approach.  Responsible, sustainable design is the only way to support the resiliency of our cities, to protect the future of society.  The climate threat is acute and the window of opportunity for changing direction is closing rapidly.   










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