ONLY a few days before the beginning of Save the Planet

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ONLY a few days before the beginning of Save the Planet


Dear Industry Professionals,
‘Save the Planet’ is coming very soon. You have only 1 week to organize your visit to Sofia, Bulgaria.
Join one of the prominent environmental event in South-East Europe!
It will acquaint you with up-to-date eco technologies and will provide you with an excellent opportunity for market exploration of the Region.
In this issue of the e-bulletin we will present the Silver Sponsor of Save the Planet – Aurubis Bulgaria and some of the exhibitors.
Have an enjoyable reading!
 Via Expo Team
At the plant of Aurubis Bulgaria the metallurgical process is constantly being optimized in order to diminish the impact on the environment, and this is a main priority of the company.
From company privatization in 1997 until now, almost € 500 million has been invested in modernization, € 100 million of which has been used to implement measures to enhance the company’s environmental performance. An important investment was made between 2006 and 2008 for the construction of a gas cleaning system costing € 12.5 million.
In June 2011 a new company investment program started, Aurubis Bulgaria 2014, which provides for investments of € 44.6 million, over € 25 million of which will be invested in direct ecological measures.
- SEA SRL, Italy - Development, production and commercialization of opto-electronic sorting machines for plastic and glass cullet sorting applications.
- Hamos GmbH, Germany - Manufacturer of machines for separation of metals and plastics. Hamos offers single separation machines for cable residues, WEEE, composite materials etc. and custom made solutions for recycling PVC windows, toner cartridges, plastics from fridges, electronic waste etc.
- BM Leasing -Trade, Bulgaria - Delivery of vacuum sweepers and waste-collection vehicles, pre- and after-sales service and spare parts for them. Delivery of containers and bins for domestic and medical waste. Technologies for waste management.
- Italian-Bulgarian Centre Import-Export Ltd. - The company is specialized in the selling of machines and equipment for metal recycling, as well as vehicles, that are already out of use, solid public and industrial waste, paper and PVC.
- Sapex-BG - Delivery of medical and hospital equipment, representative for Bulgaria of the French company ECODAS, manufacturer of medical waste treatment machines.
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Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition


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