Permafrost: Climate Change Time Bomb [Video]

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2013-03-12 12:30:31

Permafrost: Climate Change Time Bomb [Video]

Recent research from a team of Russian scientists reports that a 1.5°C rise in global temperature is enough to melt permafrost in Siberia and throughout the Arctic. As permafrost melts it releases greenhouse gases and could likely push climate change across a tipping point beyond human control. This video from the Yale Climate Forum looks at the state of permafrost and the consequences on climate as it melts in an increasingly warming Arctic.

International Environmental Exhibition on Waste Management and Recycling for South-East Europe
Save the Planet is the only specialized business event in Bulgaria dedicated to waste management, following the trend of replacing the ‘take, make, dispose' model with a ‘circular economy’ approach across Europe.
Event Start Date:Tuesday March 07, 09:30
Event End Date:Thursday March 09, 19:30
Inter Expo Center
147, Tsarigradsko shose blvd
Bulgaria, Sofia 1784
Free admission
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Optimization of waste combinations during in-vessel composting of agricultural waste
In-vessel composting of agricultural waste is a well-described approach for stabilization of compost within a short time period. Although composting studies have shown the different combinations of waste materials for producing good quality compost, studies of the particular ratio of the waste materials in the mix are still limited...
30/11/16|01:46 --
Pyrolysis of poppy capsule pulp for bio-oil production
The feasibility of biofuel production via the pyrolysis of poppy capsule pulp, the main waste product of Afyon Alkoloid Factory, was investigated. The poppy capsule pulp was shown to have a high volatile matter content (ca. 76%). Pyrolysis experiments were carried out in the temperature range 400–550°C (heating rate 18°C min–1 and holding time 20 min) under a nitrogen atmosphere...
28/11/16|01:46 --
Three-dimensional modelling of leachate recirculation using vertical wells in bioreactor landfills
Bioreactor landfills use leachate recirculation to enhance the biodegradation of municipal solid waste and accelerate landfill stabilisation, which can provide significant environmental and economic benefits. Vertical wells are operated as a major method for leachate recirculation systems...
28/11/16|01:46 --
Evaluation of a buried vertical well leachate recirculation system for municipal solid waste landfills
Vertical liquids addition systems have been used at municipal landfills as a leachate management method and to enhance biostabilization of waste. Drawbacks of these systems include a limitation on pressurized injection and the occurrence of seepage...
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Characterisation of excavated fine fraction and waste composition from a Swedish landfill
The present research studies the characterisation and the physico-chemical properties of an excavated fine fraction (<10 mm) from a Swedish landfill, the Högbytorp. The results showed that the fine fraction represents 38% by mass of the total excavated wastes and it contains mainly soil-type materials and minerals...
28/11/16|01:46 --
Application of stability indicators for the assessment of the degradation of residual household waste before landfilling
In France, domestic waste production is estimated at c. 350 kg year–1 per person and landfilling still represents a predominant way of municipal solid waste management, with 39% of waste dumped in 2007. Waste characterization campaigns were conducted at different stages of a mechanical–biological treatment process in order to evaluate its efficiency...
28/11/16|01:46 --
Sustainability assessment and prioritisation of bottom ash management in Macao
In Macao, about 7200 t yr–1 of bottom ash (BA) is generated and conventionally landfilled with construction waste. Because the properties of BA are similar to those of natural aggregates, it is suitable to be recycled as construction material...
28/11/16|01:46 --
Practical achievements on biomass steam gasification in a rotary tubular coiled-downdraft reactor
Today, the impending stringent environmental norms and concerns about the depletion of fossil fuel reserves have added impetus on development of cutting edge technologies for production of alternative fuels from renewable sources, like biomass. The concept of biomass pyro-gasification offers a platform for production of (a) hydrogen, (b) hydrocarbons and (c) value added chemicals, etc...
28/11/16|01:46 --


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