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Portal ‘INNOVATION’ - Media Partner of the Eco Forum for SEE

Media Partner of the Eco Forum for SEE

The portal ‘INNOVATION’ was created by a team of engineers and economists who, after many years of involvement with business (as business consultants, industrial engineers, researchers, etc), detected the lack of a technological portal to which business executives (managers, engineers, researchers, etc) could refer, in order to find specialised information about innovation and technology transfer.

This gap is attempted to be covered by the technological portal ‘INNOVATION’ (http://www.greekinnovation.eu). It is the only portal in Greece where such a great amount of information about innovation and technology transfer is gathered. Hundreds of people seeking for specialised information in matters of innovation visit the portal ‘INNOVATION’ daily, 45% of which, comes from abroad (with the help of two Google translating tools, the entire content can be translated in 54 foreign languages).

Technological news coming mainly from Greece and Europe daily, such as Exhibitions, Meetings, Workshops, Conferences, Free Webinars, Summer Schools, B2B Meetings, Technology Offer, Technology Request, Partner Search, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contests, European and National Funding Programmes, etc. Scientific articles, books and studies that are offered by our readers are also presented and passed around free of charge. Finally, every visitor can read, in specialised sections, news from the e-government and technology news directly from greek and international portals and watch relevant videos from YouTube.

Up to now, the technological portal ‘INNOVATION’ has cooperated as a Media Partner with at least 42 International Scientific Conferences & International Trade Fairs that have been organized by 30 Bodies in 16 different Countries  (China, Belgium, Morocco, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Hellas, Poland, UK, Nigeria, Iraq, Czech Republic, Uganda, Israel, Cyprus, Spain) and in 3 different Continents (Europe, Africa, Asia).


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Adopting a Green Lifestyle

Prime:  prime Subtitle:  What values are implied by the word ‘green’? Images: I’ve always struggled with the word “green.” I’m not quite sure what “green building” means, but most definitions include the idea of environmental responsibility...
23/09/16|02:32 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

TV Energy Labels May Be Misleading

Subtitle:  A study by the National Resource Defense Council claims manufacturers ‘exploit’ a loophole in government test procedures Images: Recently manufactured televisions could be using twice as much electricity as shown on government-required EnergyGuide labels as makers exploit a weakness in the Department of Energy's test procedures, the Natural Resource Defense Council says...
23/09/16|12:12 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

EUR 150 Mio support for a biomass and waste-fired cogeneration plant in Lithuania approved by the EC

The state owned energy group of Lithuania is building a EUR 345 million biomass and waste-fired...
19/09/16|04:40 -- enercee.net

Nevada Solar Customers Win a Round

Subtitle:  Customers who have already installed photovoltaic (PV) systems will keep full retail net metering Images: Homeowners in Nevada with photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight. A photovoltaic cell has no moving parts; electrons are energized by sunlight and result in current flow...
19/09/16|03:54 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

Georgia City Bucks Wood High-Rise Trend

Subtitle:  In Sandy Springs, Georgia, wood structural components won't be allowed in large buildings over three stories tall Images: For some builders and architects, wood is the building material of the future, with lower costs and less embodied energyEnergy that goes into making a product; includes energy required for growth, extraction, and transportation of the raw material as well as manufacture, packaging, and transportation of the finished product...
16/09/16|04:27 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

Indoor Microbes and Human Health

Prime:  prime Subtitle:  How do the bacteria and fungi living in our homes affect our health? Images: The word “health” is usually reserved for living things. Our children can be healthy or unhealthy, and so can our pets and the apple trees in the back yard...
16/09/16|02:29 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

GE Will Drop Heat-Pump Water Heaters

Subtitle:  After a 2012 launch, sales prove disappointing despite efficiencies much higher than conventional electric units Images: Improved energy efficiency, utility incentives, and a federal tax credit aren't going to be enough to save GE's GeoSpring heat-pump water heaterAn appliance that uses an air-source heat pump to heat domestic hot water...
14/09/16|12:38 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

A Web-Based Information Resource From the DOE

Prime:  prime Subtitle:  The Building America Solution Center aims to be a one-stop information library for energy-conscious builders Images: The Building America program, a branch of the U...
09/09/16|02:15 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com



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