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Ralph Gambetta, Secretary General, Calypso Networks Association, Belgium

Dr. Ralph Gambetta, general manager of Temco GmbH, has a management and a politics background with Ph.D. as well as a strong involvement into the transportation sector. Before joining in 1997 Temco GmbH he has been active in various transport companies such as German Railway, International Railway Union (UIC) and RATP (Paris metro and bus operator).

Projects have included the successful smart card project CALYPSO (Contact And contactLess telematics platform Yielding a citizen Pass integrating urban Services and financial Operations) and SINCE project (Secure and Interoperable Networking for Contactless in Europe). Since 2005 he is in charge of promotion at Calypso Networks Association (CNA) and the deployment of smart ticketing schemes.

Recently his function at CNA was extended to General Secretary. Further he is member of the German standardisation committee of information technology and smart cards and vice chair of the Smart Ticketing Alliance.



Smart Travelling - Creating Intelligent Transport Systems

Since more than two decades Calypso technology has been front running initiator in the field of smart ticketing. Having been the first ones to promote highly secured transactions today we see that most technologies on the market have followed us in our approach or even made use of the concept. With more than 130 running schemes Calypso is one of the smart technologies setting the scene around the globe. With the emergence of new players and technological innovations in recent years citizens’ lives are newly impacted. Connected users expect to be able to access services (purchase, real time information, etc.) anytime, anywhere.

The technological switch brought up by moving away from the conventional native transport application to personalised on demand services opens up the traditional role comprehension to new services, new working tasks and a multitude of business opportunities. As one of the first in its class, Calypso has entered this new technological wave by developing a software application that can be downloaded onto Global Platform compliant media like Java cards and mobile media (NFC phones, USB sticks). This enables an independent transport application on multiapplication platforms and consequently safeguards the interests of transport operators. However transport applications will be personalised, they will allow their users easier seamless travelling through the interoperable use of media. Granting accessibility to all by guaranteeing social inclusion is an additional feature that makes these smart mobility services a key to a successful policy towards public transport users. Smart-media allow for new services to be rolled out quickly whilst optimising infrastructure costs.

The baseline of current development is that urban transport is at the core of future mobility patterns. This means that successful and modern urban transport needs to take into account expectations of citizens and offer them services they want. The usage of public transport is no longer a single dedicated act, but an integrated part in a mobility chain. Now more than ever operators need to offer permanently the option to sell their services to attract potential clients.

Based on these evolutions CNA has launched a series of new initiatives to better match future expectations. Substantial success in terms of our interoperability application Triangle 2 has been achieved in the region of Lille /Nord Pas de Calais and Belgium. Daily trips became smarter as the cross border transport contracts are registered in the Triangle application, whether in the Belgian MOBIB card or in the Nord Pas de Calais PassPass card. So the customer uses only one card to travel from his country to the other and has less hassle.

Institutionally we have successfully incorporated with our partners from Germany (VDV-ETS), UK (ITSO), France (AFIMB) and the UITP in May 2015 the Smart Ticketing Alliance. Core aim of the Alliance is to federate all relevant parties implicated in aspects of interoperability in a European framework to better coordinate their work. With regards to this CNA has launched with Paycert the service of certification of public transport media in order to bring things forward.





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