Recycling Bulgaria at 'Save the Planet'

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Recycling Bulgaria at 'Save the Planet'


Dear Industry Professionals,

We would like to remind you that after about a month “Save the Planet” will bring together again key industry players from the waste management sector.

The Early Bird Registration is running till April 30th

A wide range of topics will be introduced at the Conference by top-level speakers from the EC - DG Environment, EQAR, ACR+, ENEP, OVAM, VDMA, etc. Waste Administration; How to Prepare a Good Waste Reduction Plan, Incentives for Waste Reduction; Waste Collection & Separation; Waste Minimization Strategies; Resource Efficiency & Recycling; Agricultural, Landfill & Wastewater Biofuels, etc. are the highlights in the program.

The Exhibition features strong international presence of companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

We have the pleasure to introduce to you our traditional exhibitor - Recycling Bulgaria.




Interview with Mr. Stefan Stamenov, Manager of the company

- Mr. Stamenov, please present briefly Recycling Bulgaria.

Recycling Bulgaria is a company specialized in development and supply of technology and comprehensive solutions (‘turnkey’ projects) in the field of recycling.
We strive to be an honest and responsible partner by delivering high quality, efficient and competitive world-class equipment. We represent some of the best manufacturers of machinery for waste separation and waste treatment who have proven their qualities over the years. Our organization also provides support and training with regard to the effective use of supplied equipment. Investing in ecology of Bulgaria, we know that we contribute to the future prosperity of our country. We have a defined corporate mission and a set of values ​​that give a clear picture of the company's business strategy. We are entirely focused on the needs of our clients - we understand the problems and the markets in which they operate, so that we supply services of the highest quality.

- Which of your products and services have widest application?

Recycling traditions in our country are increasingly developing. In the last few years lots of funds were spent on various awareness programs for the benefits of recycling.

All machines from our range have their market and potential clients.

But according to our observations over the recent years, the demand for separating machines and baling machines has increased. The increasingly popular process of composting green waste and/or food waste implemented the interest in composting machines as well, especially in the compost turners we offer.

Recycling Bulgaria has developed an effective solution which allows small and medium-sized municipalities to be able to meet the technical requirements set by the EU, with a much lower investment than the needed one for technologies used up to now.


- Tell us about your projects - recently realized and future ones.

The strongest reference to Recycling Bulgaria is the Waste treatment plant near the town of Varna. It is a work of joint cooperation between Recycling Bulgaria and the German giant Eggersmann Group. The Solid urban waste treatment plant was built under a German license. The capacity of the facilities is 50 tons per hour. In environmental specialists’ calculations Varna generates between 300 and 390 tons of waste daily. The plant can absorb refuse not only of small communities in the region, but also the greater part of waste coming from northeastern Bulgaria. At the next stage, a facility will be constructed that will allow processing of organic waste into electrical energy.

- What will you present at the exhibition?

Our range of machinery is quite wide and there is no way to expose everything.
We will present the Presona Swedish hydraulic baling systems, applicable to a wide range of products - all kinds of paper, foil, aluminum cans, PET bottles, urban waste and some others. One machine can be used for baling of different types of materials according to the operating program set, which makes the machine very flexible and useful in recycling industry.

ORWAK presses for baling of paper, cardboard, plastic and other waste streams reduce them up to 90%. They are perfect for daily surveillance of waste, by turning it into compact bales occupying less space and saving money needed for transportation.
Titech separators are also widely used, as they are able to separate any material, depending on customer needs. The separators are infrared, induction, optical and X-ray.
We will also present the recently popular compost turners I mentioned above. As a product of the German company Backhus, they are widely used across Europe and worldwide.



- What are your expectations from your participation in the Exhibition?

I strongly believe we will succeed to promote further the activities of Recycling Bulgaria, to strengthen our contacts and establish new useful relations. We will be happy to show innovations in recycling and waste treatment, and present our machines and equipment. We will try to show that on the domestic and foreign markets, above all, competition is useful and the satisfied client is the greatest reference and advertising.

- What kind of visitors would you like to make contact with?

Any type of contact would be useful with individuals, companies and government organizations, municipalities and/or other enterprises. It will also be useful to make contact with manufacturers of machinery and technology from our industry sector and share different experiences and opinions, as well as meeting representatives from Austria and Hungary. I hope this year's exhibition will be beneficial for all participants and will show the innovations in waste management, recycling and ecology.


Organizer:  Via Expo

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