Registration for the Energy Efficiency, RE and Smart Cities Conference is open till 28 Feb

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Registration for the Energy Efficiency, RE and Smart Cities Conference is open till 28 Feb.

The annual Conference & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Smart Cities will be held from 5th to 7th March in Sofia, Bulgaria. It will facilitate the implementation of the advanced energy technologies and will promote the best proven practices. Local and international suppliers and buyers, industry professionals from both private and public sector will join the event.

The Conference Highlights

● District Heating and Cooling in Europe. The Session is organized by Euroheat & Power. Speakers will acquaint the attendees with ‘Heat Roadmap Europe’, the role of renewables in DHC, energy efficiency measures, etc.
● European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, Renovation and nZEBs Strategies. Green Roof Gardens, Energy Management System /ISO 50001 - heat, gas, electricity/ and an Environmental Management System /ISO 14001 - water, sewage, emissions of CO2 / in Key Sectors of Municipalities and Cities, DGNB – a certification systems for description and assessment of the sustainability of buildings and urban districts, etc.
● Intelligent Mobility Solutions in Smart Cities. Case studies by Swarco – a sponsor of the Session: Intelligent Street Lighting; Efficient Road Intersection Management and Adaptive Control Systems.
● Waste-to-Energy Workshop, in collaboration with WtERT Greece, will present Global and Local Perspectives for New Waste-to-Energy Projects & Waste-to-Energy for Sustainable Economic and Social Development.

New companies that recently have joined the exhibition:

● Interview with Radoslav Ivanov, Manager of Omnia Contractors
● SWARCO Bulgaria
● Biogest
● UMP Technika

Partner Presentations

● European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
● European Renewable Energies Federation
● Euroasia Industry

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Interview with Radoslav Ivanov, Manager

What motivates you to take part in the EE & RE Exhibition and what are your aims?


With each passing day, the topic of energy efficiency becomes increasingly important in our world. In modern architecture more and more attention is being paid to the combining of energy efficiency with reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Following these trends, we strive to find solutions for our customers, which will lead to maximum optimization of the made investments and used energy resources, while at the same time being friendly to our environment. In all our projects we make an optimal use of innovative technologies through the introduction of modern and efficient alternative energy sources.
Working with leading companies in the development of Renewable Energy Sources and applying an intelligent process management, we ensure modern and functional solutions in the realization of all our projects.
Our company is achieving continuous improvement in the service providing through ensuring timely, adequate and efficient organization of our overall activity.

The basic philosophy of Omnia Contractors is to be innovative. What is your competitive advantage and what are the main directions of your activity?

We are constantly looking for opportunities to make a unique and valuable contribution to the comfort of our clients, to create and maintain high standards in business, to provide the most complete and efficient service to our customers, who are always at the center of our attention.

Being a very young company, what challenges do you encounter and what are your recently completed projects? Which of them are you most proud of?

Although Omnia Contractors Ltd. is a relatively young company, we have many completed projects for both - home owners and business people. Some of the implemented projects are: Residential building - The Tree House, Sofia; Single-Family Residential Building ,district Simeonovo, Sofia;   Single-Family Residential Building, district Trakata, Varna;  Single-Family Residential Building – district Pancharevo, Sofia;  Presidential suite – Kempinski, Hotel Grand Arena, Bansko;  Day Care Center, Mobile operator Base station, Razgrad; Base station GSM / UMTS, Sofia;  Hotel resort,  Sinemorets, etc.

Tell us more about Ochsner.

OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH was founded in 1978 and since then it has been characterized by awareness about  energy, pioneering  spirit and innovation. Being one of the first manufacturers in Europe, OCHSNER launched the first industrial production of heat pumps and today it is internationally recognized as one of the technological leaders in the industry. Production takes place exclusively in Germany and Austria. The heat pumps are with great efficiency which is the result of decades of experience, research and development activities.

You offer business and home solutions. What is the concept of the "smart house"?

The idea of the Smart House envisages separate intelligent systems, which are connected and operate together as one unit. We are able to offer you a way for integrating many systems within a building, working as one system, as a result of which you can enjoy a smart home with increased comfort, safety and efficient energy management.




SWARCO Bulgaria is a part of the growing international group SWARCO providing the complete range of Intelligent Transport Systems and smart mobility as well as road marking products, services and solutions.

The focus of SWARCO's business is to keep traffic in motion and inform and guide the traveller with innovative products and services in order to support the growing mobility needs of modern cities.

Our mission is to help our customers manage mobility and increase road safety with high quality and environmentally friendly solutions while providing a sustainable return to our stakeholders.




Biogest is an international biogas plant manufacturer based in Austria. Other offices are located in the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the United Kingdom

The core competencies range from project development, planning, financing to turnkey construction and operation of biogas plants with sizes between 500 kW and 3,500 kW.

In addition to Plant Engineering activities, the Own Plant Operations business builds and operates biogas plants which are owned or part-owned by Biogest.

The biogas plants are installed in the well-established Biogest PowerRing technology, which has advantages with regard to energy efficiency, reliability and availability. Since 2007, over 90 biogas projects have already been implemented, with the geographical focus on all countries within Europe that appeal to the company.





JSC"UMP Technika " is producer of machinery  for bioenergy solutions and working from Year 2003. The briquette press BP420A is used to press the sawdust,straw,peat,hards, corncob ,raps straw ,cotton-plant waste,other biomass materials,  into briquettes to stoke gas generating heating boilers,stoves,hearth. The shredder SS-D180 is designed for shredding straw or hay pressed in rolls. In certain cases, after obtaining the manufacturer’s permit or testing, it is possible to shred square or rectangular pressed bundles. Taken straw fraction after shredding use in the briquetting plants or in the heating boilers.        






EREF is the European interest and lobby group for independent producers of electricity and fuels from all renewable energy sources except large hydro. EREF members are national associations of RES producers and supporting agencies from many EU Member States. EREF represents at present approximately 17.000 MW of installed capacity in RES electricity in the EU. And it is representing a growing share of renewable energies in heating and cooling and in the transport sector.




Since the 1970s, energy efficiency has contributed more to our economic prosperity than any other single source of energy supply. This is the power of a million small, and often invisible, actions. eceee makes these actions visible!

eceee, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, is a membership-based non-profit association. We generate and provide evidence-based knowledge and analysis of policies, and we facilitate co-operation and networking through our Summer Studies, workshops, and social media.



Euroasia Industry is a quality, monthly publication - produced in Europe, but with a global outlook. It provides insightful comment, in-depth reports and relevant analysis of the foremost developments in the business world today, with articles exploring trends in trade, market challenges, technological innovations and environmental issues.

Our aim is to be one step ahead, to ensure that our readers are too. Technology is making the world a smaller place, globalisation is a fact of life, and we serve that part of the brave new business world in which two-thirds of global GDP is produced. We continue to extend our reach and feature the best of the international business community.






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