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Roumiana Zaharieva, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design, Bulgaria

Roumiana Zaharieva has a master degree in civil engineering and a diploma of structural engineer from University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bulgaria (UACEG), doctor degree in construction materials and doctor degree in civil engineering of Artois University, France. 

She is an associate professor at “Building materials and Insulations” Department at UACEG. Dr. Eng. Zaharieva possesses 20 years of experience on C&D waste recovery, including PhD thesis and more than 50 scientific publications on that subject. As an expert she took part in the elaboration of the national legislation in regards with C&D waste management in Bulgaria.

Since September 2013 she has been invited as the main lecturer of trainings organised by several branch organisations (such as the Chambers of engineers in investment design, Bulgarian Association of architects and engineers consultants, Bulgarian association of municipalities’ environmental experts, etc.) and construction companies on the application of the Ordinance on C&D waste management and use of recycled construction materials.

Dr Eng. Zaharieva is a designer and a consultant on Plan on C&D waste management as a part of investment projects. In 2015 she leaded a team of experts, which elaborated Guidelines on the application of C&D management related legislation as well as prepared a proposal for changes and amendments to that legislation. At present, Dr Eng. Zaharieva takes part in a task group, preparing a common EU C&D Waste Management Protocol. Dr Eng. Zaharieva is also involved projects for material recovery of other waste streams (such as industrial waste and textile waste) for construction purposes.


Recovery of C&D waste in the context of construction sector's resource efficiency improvement

EU policy towards a sustainable development would not be successful without its widespread application in construction sector.  The resource efficiency in construction is one of priority directions of sustainability, because the construction sector is one of the biggest  consumers of material resources and, at the same time, one of biggest generator of waste – the quantity of construction and demolition waste – C&D waste,  is comparable to, even is more than, to the quantity per mass of municipal waste.

The material recovery of C&D waste through preparation to reuse, recycling and backfilling operations is an attractive and feasible opportunity to improve the resource efficiency in construction and to contribute to the development of circular economy. It has been estimated that recycled aggregate can replace 8-10% of natural rock materials used as aggregate in construction. The majority of C&D waste are appropriate to be recycled ot otherwise recovered, the proof being the experience of countries like Denmark, Netherlands, UK, etc.

The presentation makes a review of achievements in C&D waste management during the last 5 years in Bulgaria and discusses the challenges in C&D waste recovery in the context of legislative requirements, development of technical infrastructure and accumulation of national know-how in that process.







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