The New Solutions in Intelligent Energy and Cities

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The New Solutions in Intelligent Energy and Cities

Leading manufacturers and importers from 12 countries will participate in the annual ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities’ exhibition and conference for South-East Europe. The event is organized by Via Expo from 5th to April 7th in Sofia, Bulgaria. Most of the participants will launch new products and aim to find a business partners from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and other countries in the Region.


Components for passive houses, ventilation systems with heat recovery, vacuum insulation panels and air tightness systems will be presented for the first time to the Bulgarian market responding to the trends of increasing energy efficiency.

The choice of the HVAC systems determinates the future energy costs - visitors will see advanced boilers with a modern design and with high efficiency. Among the product highlights will be innovative roof and wall systems featuring excellent heat insulation and easy installation.

The progress in renewables is continuing – exhibitors will present energy storage devices, first-class solar panels for building integration, hybrid autonomous energy systems. Bioenergy is again in the spotlight. Companies from Austria, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands will promote combustion systems for wood and straw and other biomass, for steam/heat and as co-generation, lines and machines for drying and granulating of wood and agricultural waste.

Geothermal energy has a great potential in South-East Europe – but this energy source is not well utilized. A participant will showcase new generation of heat pumps that reduce the energy bills by up 80% and have unique user-friendly display panel.    

The organizer Via Expo announces that electric vehicles, IP charging networks and stations will also exhibited on the exhibition ground.

Visitors will see the latest development in building automation. A smart home system with integrated temperature, light, humidity and air purity sensors will be an attraction. Touch panels and TVs embedded in the mirrors will be also of interest. A Bulgarian company will promote intelligent systems for electricity, water, gas and street lighting, with which the customers achieve loss reduction and efficient resource management.


District heating, Geothermal energy, How to turn bio waste into resources, Energy Efficiency in the Buildings, etc. will be discussed topics. Attendees will have a great opportunity to ask their questions to speakers from Eurohet & Power, International Geothermal Association, Covenant of Mayors, International Biogas Association, Innovation Norway, etc.

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