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Thomas Vonier - President-Elect, American Institute of Architects

Thomas Vonier is a licensed architect and a board-certified security professional, working from bases in the United States and Europe for organizations with global industrial operations. Early on, he led groundbreaking research on building security, resulting in landmark recommendations and a new generation of security design criteria. Thomas will become president of the 87,000-member American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2017. 

He was also elected to serve as the Secretary General of the International Union of Architects (UIA), based in Paris, and served as the AIA’s first liaison delegate to the Architects’ Council of Europe.




“Smart” cities must also be safe cities.

Cities of the future—like cities today—will face serious challenges to the security and safety of their inhabitants.   Many promising management technologies are now available or on the close horizon.  They will certainly help us to be less wasteful and more effective—they will help municiplaities and businesses to deliver better services.

But we must recognize that “sustainability” also means being able to withstand and recover from serious threats to urban security, from natural disasters, industrial accidents, civil unrest, extreme weather, armed conflicts, and more.

Only good architectural planning and design can ensure that our cities will have the resilience they need, by deploying intelligent technologies to monitor conditions, detect threats, and facilitate rapid, effective emergency response.










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