Изложба за енергийна ефективност и възобновяеми енергийни източници за Югоизточна Европа 2017

Изложението показва съвременните решения за спестяване на енергия и за производство на възобновяема енергия. Това е място за създаване на нови контакти и за избор на екологични и рентабилни технологии, приложими във всяка индустрия и община. То кореспондира с последните световни тенденции и ще представи енергийно ефективни решения, системи за съхранение на енергия, технологии за производство на био-, хидро-, соларна-, геотермална и вятърна енергия, енергия от отпадъци, иновации в областта на електромобилната индустрия.

Louritex Lda

Represented by Crest Group

The company Louritex was created through the continuity of an older company that was Matos & Frade Lda that was founded in 21th of October 1968 by the two partners António Félix de Figueiredo Frade and António Amâncio de Matos. The old company Matos & Frade Lda worked on an old building in the centre of Lourinhã, manufacturing ploughs and agricultural equipment.

After 6 years working, in 1974 the old company received a new partner, Luís Alberto Figueiredo Frade and was created the company Louritex Lda, with all the three partners. Also after this date the company, due to the bad conditions of facilities decide to start to build the new headquarter on the place that it exists today.

In 1979 already in the new facilities the range of production was increased with new areas like industrial and forestry equipments. Louritex start to supply all the rippers for the main importers of tractors to Portugal, like for example, Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Fiat.

These products kept the production and the grown of the company until the year of 1989, were a strong economical crises on industrial and forestry sectors created a difficult situation for the company. Because of this, the company and after a research on different sectors decided to start the production of machinery for scrap recycling. The shears and balers produced by Louritex include a high performance in production and this is due to high standards on electronics and hydraulics.

In 1995 there were happened a change on company board where the partner António Amâncio de Matos left the partnership and entered five new partners, all sons of the founders of the company. So, today Louritex is a really family company with the main partners that are brothers and their sons.

Also after 1995 the company started to export the recycling products particularly to UK. All these changes in products and markets took Louritex to the need of create new buildings and working conditions to fulfil the responsibilities with agents and special with clients. The company had invested in new machine tools to increase the production of the factory and also the creation of two new buildings with a area of 4.000 m2.

On the last years Louritex is exporting the products to different and demanding markets such as German, Dutch, UK, French, Australian, Antilles, Polish and Azerbaijan.

Always with the mind in the producing products with high quality and reliability, Louritex signed a commercial contract with the one of the biggest and more quality hydraulic component supplier Parker. This contract will ensure to Louritex the quality of hydraulic components and will ensure to our clients the speed in replacement of spare parts, using the Paker agent's network worldwide.

In 2003 Louritex started to use another new building with 2.100 m2 only for cut and preparation of steel components from raw material (steel plates). Today the company works in a area of 20.000m2 that are included on total area of 120.000m2 that are of course, Louritex properties. We produce high technology equipments that includes sophisticated electronics and hydraulics components, long distance maintenance, (we can control, check and repair the machines through a cable connection, from our factory to anywhere in the world). Due to the investments that our company had made on the last years all of our products are manufactured in CNC machines which will ensure high standards in quality.

Because all of this Louritex Lda, due to the technologic capacity, innovation sector, and a young and dynamic team feels capable of supply high quality equipments to the most demanding markets in production and reliability terms.