Изложба за енергийна ефективност и възобновяеми енергийни източници за Югоизточна Европа 2017

Изложението показва съвременните решения за спестяване на енергия и за производство на възобновяема енергия. Това е място за създаване на нови контакти и за избор на екологични и рентабилни технологии, приложими във всяка индустрия и община. То кореспондира с последните световни тенденции и ще представи енергийно ефективни решения, системи за съхранение на енергия, технологии за производство на био-, хидро-, соларна-, геотермална и вятърна енергия, енергия от отпадъци, иновации в областта на електромобилната индустрия.

Radiy Polska

Represented by Radiy


RPC “Radiy” was founded on January 1, 1954. The primary company activity between 1954 and 1963 was the production of loudspeakers and electrical household appliances. Since 1963, the Company started to manufacture dynamic speaker units for home radio equipment.

In 1971, after reconstruction, the Company started producing equipment for TV centers.

In 1976, the Company mastered the production of television transmitters and in 1977 – the production of equipment for TV complexes that were used to provide TV- and radio broadcasting of the Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980. Totally the Company produced 116 technical studio TV stations, 43 mobile TV stations and more than 600 equipment sets for commentary studios.

In 1988 the Company became the head enterprise in the corporation that included 3 more plants in Kirovograd and Kirovograd region. The Production Corporation “Radiy” became a leading company in the USSR in producing TV studio equipment, mobile TV stations, TV and radio transmitters, cable TV equipment and dynamic loudspeakers units. The “Radiy” Corporation manufactured and supplied equipment for more than 150 TV centers in 25 big sport facilities, produced about 300 mobile TV stations for various applications and about 100 equipment sets for navy.

More than 2500 transmitters and re-transmitters were put into operation, 80 sets of cable TV equipment were installed to operate on the territory from the Baltic to Chukotka. The Company also produced more than 250 million dynamic loudspeakers units for different applications.

Between 1982 and 1989 the Company took part in the design and supply of equipment for launch systems “Energy” and “Buran”.

The Company exported its products to the countries of Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Since 1995 RPC “Radiy” has started series production and supply of I&C hardware and software complexes for nuclear power stations to replace exhausted and outdated equipment.

The next step was the design and development of new generation of DPI modules for I&C hardware and software complexes with digital signal processing function, self-diagnostic function and noise immune characteristics. The innovation of the design was application of programmable gate arrays based on FPGA-architecture that provided implementation of typical module functions. Totally 15 complexes of control safety systems Generation I were supplied to nuclear power plants. Those complexes had more than 50000 gate arrays.

Since 2000 RPC “Radiy” has used its experience for suppliers and operation of Generation I complexes and has developed digital I&C systems (I&C Platform “Radiy”) of Generation II using FPGA from the world leading manufacturers.

RPC “Radiy” is the leading company in Ukraine that develops and produces I&C systems to provide safe operation at nuclear power plants with VVER -440 and VVER-1000 reactors.

By making updated automatic equipment we are working both for today’s wellbeing of our country and for its safe prosperity in the future.