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Clutch Sports Co. & FloorballPro се обединяват със Salming USA



FloorballPro Inc. and Clutch Sports Co., Salming’s North American distributor for squash, racquetball and floorball products, is merging with Salming USA.

Salming USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish-based Salming Sports, will now distribute all Salming products within the US and Canada across the running and indoor divisions.

The deal greatly strengthens Salming’s presence and capabilities in both the US and Canada by aligning brand strategy and further increasing internal resources, capabilities and personnel.

“We’re thrilled to bring together Salming’s emerging running product line with its successful indoor products under one roof,” said Tor Swenson, CEO of Salming USA. “Salming’s brand is gaining serious momentum in North America across all its categories and this move will allow the company to better meet growing demand in floorball, squash, racquetball and running.”

Juha Mikkola, CEO of FloorballPro Inc. and Clutch Sports Co., will join the existing Salming USA corporate management team with Tor Swenson. The partnership brings together decades of expertise in both indoor and run specialty