Управление на отпадъците и рециклиране 16 – 18.04.2019
Управление на отпадъците и рециклиране 16 – 18.04.2019

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28 June
Global needs for knowledge dissemination, research and development in materials deterioration and corrosion control - Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Gunter Schmitt
Advantages & applications of hot-dip galvanization - Stoyan Trifonov Изтегли
Release of heavy metals from alloys used in drinking water: How to test and evaluate materials.-Dr. Johann Wilhelm Erning Изтегли
Anticorrosion systems and protective coatings by Orgachim JSC - Ladi Nikolov Изтегли
Materials and services for cathodic protection - Enzo Campedelli Изтегли
Industrial corrosion protective coatings - methods for surface preparation before painting. Industrial blast rooms. Airless spray machines. Industrial painting rooms - Dipl. Eng. Krassimir Bachovski Изтегли
Corrosion of piping and tanks for crude oil - Ph.D. Václav Šefl Изтегли
PA-EL cathodic protection company - Kresimir Kekez Изтегли
DCVG survey and various criteria that is currently used in the CP industry covering a wide range of applications including complex structures ie piping in plants without isolation - Subramaniam Raju Изтегли
Activities aimed at increasing the corrosion awareness - Michal Jaczewski Изтегли
29 June
Online corrosion monitoring in lab and field with a new electrochemical measuring tool - Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Gunter Schmitt
Canada in lower saxony or are penguins inhibitors? - Dr. Johann Wilhelm Erning Изтегли
Laboratory testing and monitoring of a new coating at the world’s greatest climatic wind tunnel - Michael Bodendorfe Изтегли
Metallic alloy coatings on steel - Ph.D. Václav Šefl Изтегли
Cold applied galvanising system - Eng. Christian Verbrugghe Изтегли
Machines and Methods for Applying Anticorrosion Protection - Biser Yanakiev Изтегли
Integrated mitigation solutions for pipeline networks affected by high voltage transmission systems - Nikolas Kokkinos Изтегли
Stabilisation of aggressive drinking water in Sofia’s water supply system - Rumyan Petkov Изтегли
Development of cathodic protection in Bulgaria. Most important problems and what measures we should take - M.Sc. Ernesto Noriega Stefanov Изтегли
Approaches for corrosion protection of aluminum and its alloys - PhD Eng. Stefan Kozhuharov Изтегли
Most Relevant Standards for Cathodic Protection - Prof. Dr. Bernd Isecke Изтегли

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