Изложба за енергийна ефективност и възобновяеми енергийни източници за Югоизточна Европа 2017

Изложението показва съвременните решения за спестяване на енергия и за производство на възобновяема енергия. Това е място за създаване на нови контакти и за избор на екологични и рентабилни технологии, приложими във всяка индустрия и община. То кореспондира с последните световни тенденции и ще представи енергийно ефективни решения, системи за съхранение на енергия, технологии за производство на био-, хидро-, соларна-, геотермална и вятърна енергия, енергия от отпадъци, иновации в областта на електромобилната индустрия.

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Снимки на продукта:
FOX3 Series are compact all-in-one device combining 2G/UMTS/HSPA+/4G high-speed data connections with the latest GNSS technology to completely satisfy customer’s need. They are designed to operate with internal or external antennas. Built-in internal antennas are automatically turned off while external antennas are in use. These devices will dramatically simplify your logistics as well as the installation process and the post-installation support. Newly developed FALCOM „Premium-Features“ show the way to the future of mobile data logging, storing, processing and sending. FOX3 Series are advanced and fully customizable vehicle telmatics devices. FOX3 Series offer new features like: Data Encryption, several History Modes, Eco-Drive/Behaviour, Data Logging GSM/GPS jamming detection beside standard items like status reports, alerts messaging, audio call, spy calls or geofencing. There are different models of the FOX3 Series available: FOX3 Series standard, FOX3 Series LITE and FOX3 Series BLE (Blutooth Low Energy). All device models can be connected to FALCOM small boxes for extending the functionality of devices such as: IOBOX-MINI with up to 13 x IO signals, IOBOX-CAN with 2nd CANBus interface + IO (8x) signals and IOBOX-WLAN which uses WLAN network instead of mobile connectivity to deliver the activity data collected during the day + IO (8x) signals for general purpose. For more information or a demonstration of these products, please visit us during Smart Cities 2017, March 7-9, 2017 at the booth A16 or go to http://www.falcom.de/products/avl/fox3/ http://www.falcom.de/products/avl/fox3-3g/
Please download the FOX3 Product Specification: http://www.falcom.de/products/avl/fox3/ http://www.falcom.de/products/avl/fox3-3g/