Изложба за енергийна ефективност и възобновяеми енергийни източници за Югоизточна Европа 2017

Изложението показва съвременните решения за спестяване на енергия и за производство на възобновяема енергия. Това е място за създаване на нови контакти и за избор на екологични и рентабилни технологии, приложими във всяка индустрия и община. То кореспондира с последните световни тенденции и ще представи енергийно ефективни решения, системи за съхранение на енергия, технологии за производство на био-, хидро-, соларна-, геотермална и вятърна енергия, енергия от отпадъци, иновации в областта на електромобилната индустрия.

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Снимки на продукта:
IOBOX-WLAN (offically still not released) is a WLAN high-quality accessory with a 2.4GHz ISM band for the FOX3 Series that reduces your operating costs and increases your business productivity by using WLAN network instead of mobile connectivity to deliver the activity data collected during the day from your FOX3 Series to the remote server on return at your site. With the use of the external WLAN antenna it connects with any WLAN hotspot after applying relevant WLAN settings into the FOX3 Series. This interface works independently from the wireless cellular networks on the FOX3 Series. WLAN is the major communication interface to transmit data and cellular is working as a fall-back in case WLAN is not available. It offers additionally 8 x I/Os ports for almost every application within the automobile industry. 4 of these I/O ports can be used as analogue inputs and alternatively as digital inputs as specified by the firmware in the FOX3 Series. The other 4 x I/Os are open collector digital outputs that can be programmed individually to activate devices such as relays, indicators or other on/off devices with up to 100mA. The digital outputs work as active high (on) or active low (off). The IOBOX-WLAN contains a 16pin I/O connector, a FAKRA connector for connection to the external WLAN antenna and a mini-USB connector which plugs directly into the FOX3 Series and with the grips on both sides it locks in place by forming a vibration-proof connection. For more information or a demonstration of these products, please visit us during Smart Cities 2017, March 7-9, 2017 at Hall 1/ Booth A16.
- WLAN 8.02.11 n/b/g 2.4GHz - WLAN operation modes: + Client mode: connects to a dedicated Hotspot (up to 5 HotSpot profiles) + AP mode*: acts as an access point for only one single client at a time - Physical Interfaces + 16pin Molex connector # 4 x Digital/Analog input: 0...+52 VDC (12 bit ADC) # 4 x Digital output: 0..32 VDC, open-drain, up to 100mA # 1 x Power Output (Output 5VDC, Imax=50 mA) # 1 x Ground (GND) - 10-pin USB Mini-B type plug - Physical Characteristics - No external power supply necessary - Dimensions (LxWxH): 44 mm x 44 mm x 28 mm - Weight: 25 g - Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C to +85 °C - Connection Interface (to FOX3-3G/-4G)via USB Mini-B type plug - I/O Signal Connection Cable: + CA38-KFZ-1,5M (16-pin; cable length: 1,5 m) - WLAN Antenna Connector : + FAKRA Plug Male for the external WLAN antenna * Available September 2017