Изложба за енергийна ефективност и възобновяеми енергийни източници за Югоизточна Европа 2017

Изложението показва съвременните решения за спестяване на енергия и за производство на възобновяема енергия. Това е място за създаване на нови контакти и за избор на екологични и рентабилни технологии, приложими във всяка индустрия и община. То кореспондира с последните световни тенденции и ще представи енергийно ефективни решения, системи за съхранение на енергия, технологии за производство на био-, хидро-, соларна-, геотермална и вятърна енергия, енергия от отпадъци, иновации в областта на електромобилната индустрия.

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ЛидерЛайт България ЕООД Серия MAG.3 за улично осветление

Снимки на продукта:
General information Road LED luminaires are an efficient substitute of luminaires with mercury and sodium lamps. All types of our luminaires meet the requirements for roads of all categories. Weather-resistant powder-coated aluminum housing. Innovative heat sink design for efficient heat dissipation. High-efficacy LEDs from the leading world manufacturers Osram and Cree. Applications • R oads of the A, B & C categories (controlled-access highways/motorways, single and dual carriageways) • Industrial estates and warehouses • Tunnels • Railway stations and tracks • 1.5-3 times lower energy consumption compared to luminaires with similar flux that use sodium and mercury lamps • Different beam angles due to a modular lens design, including asymmetric wide beam for required illuminance on a maximum surface • No light flicker harmful for eyes • No specific requirements for disposal • Double protection of LEDs with Zener diodes and PLEDs to guarantee continuous operability • Input voltage up to 305V • Integrated surge protection up to 10kV (optional) • Extruded aluminium housing with a flat and even top to protect it from debris accumulation (foliage, birds droppings) — the temperature performance of the luminaire is not affected • LED modules are water- and dust-proof which ensures no loss in lumen output • P atented «floating» design of LED modules without screws — to even off thermal expansion ratios of a housing, LED boards and lenses • P ower supply in the MAG4 series is thermally isolated from the LED module so that its temperature doesn't affect LEDs, and vice versa. It translates into a longer lifetime of a PSU and a luminaire in general. Besides, a PSU is fixed at the bottom of its compartment — to protect it from overheating in tropical climates where some parts of a luminaire, even in off mode, can be heated up to 80°C in direct sunlight • MAG3 and MAG4 efficacy 125-135 lm/W; lifespan of LED modules over 100,000 hrs