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SSI SCHÄFER - Fritz Schäfer GmbH

Represented by NRW.International GmbH

SSI SCHÄFER is your effective and reliable partner for intralogistics.

A driving force of innovation for 80 years

When Fritz Schäfer founded a manufacturing company for sheet metal products in 1937, no one ever suspected that his company would one day become one of the world’s leading providers of  intralogistics  solutions and products. The development of the storage fix box was the foundation for the company’s success. This revolutionary innovation in the container market remains an integral part of many storage systems today.

In keeping with the company’s philosophy of forward thinking, other innovations soon followed. SSI SCHÄFER became a system specialist for intralogistics. With its innovations and its integrated approach, SSI SCHÄFER supports companies around the globe by optimizing their supply chain.

Complete solutions from a single source

Our customers profit from the fact that the SSI SCHAEFER Group manufactures all of its own components, from racks to fully-automated systems. Ten production facilities manufacture the company’s products and systems using state-of-the-art technology. With 70 subsidiaries operating around the world and more than 9,500 employees, SSI SCHÄFER is an effective and reliable partner.

SSI SCHÄFER is your systems specialist for:
optimizing material flow processes,
guaranteeing goods availability,
reducing costs,
reducing errors,
making efficient use of resources, and
making better use of your employees’ potential.