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WWF Bulgaria

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is the largest international eco-organization worldwide, and in Bulgaria as well. Having a vast scope of activities, the organization is actively fighting various environmental problems. Encouraging the development of sustainable and eco-friendly business and standing against the climate change factors are part of the organization priorities.

Promoting low carbon societies to cut dependence on dirty energy and fuels, providing clean energy and reducing the impact of climate change are main initiatives driven by the organization. Working with businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and source materials and energy more sustainably is part of our strategy for reaching the stated goals. Establishing new partnerships is essential for the high efficiency of this strategy.

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WWF has been active in Bulgaria since the early 1990s. Conservation activities initially focused on the lower Danube and its tributaries, but have since expanded into a comprehensive programme that includes work on forest protection and sustainable forestry management (FSC), protected areas, freshwater as well as agriculture and rural development.

In 2006, WWF established a registered organisation in Bulgaria.

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