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Corrosion Prevention Balkans

Conference & Exhibition for South-East Europe – Corrosion Prevention Balkans
28-29 June, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Why to participate?
1. You will have access to the best companies, international suppliers of cathodic protection technologies.
2. You will enhance your knowledge of corrosion protection methods.
3. You will meet the leading companies that use these systems to prevent their facilities
4. You will have the opportunity for professional dialogue and new business contacts with managers, engineers, investors, designers, cathodic protection experts and specialists from various sectors of industry and economy.

Corrosion Prevention Balkans includes in its format a conference and a parallel exhibition.
Corrosion Prevention Conference

A participation with a lecture or a technical presentation will provide you:

  • Sharing your experience with potential customers, investors and partners.
  • To attract the interest of the attendees, which will benefit you!
  • You will have greater trust between potential customers, investors and partners.
  • Your company will be distinguished from other participating companies.

Whom the conference is addressed to?

To everyone who is interested in topics related to the development of cathodic protection systems worldwide, used in tanks for keeping gas, oil, water, storage containers (tanks, vessels for liquid gas, gas pipelines, water pipelines), ports, platforms in the sea for extraction of oil, ships and others.

Topics to be presented and discussed at Corrosion Prevention Balkans:

The necessity for actions and prevention of corrosion

  • New technologies for cathodic protection. Systems and methods for corrosion protection
  • Presentation of realized projects around the world
  • Advanced criteria and methods for control and verification of cathodic protection systems
  • Leading international design criteria for cathodic protection systems
  • Current international standards and regulations for cathodic protection
  • Certification of personnel that builds, designs, controls, and maintains cathodic protection systems

More information about participation find at:   +359/32 512 907, Ms. Desislava Ivanova and  +359/884 288 089, +359/32 588 916, Mr. Ernesto Stefanov


A parallel exhibition will be held alongside  the conference so direct business contacts and creation of new partnerships will be enabled.

Exhibitors Branches:

  • Modern technologies and tools for corrosion protection
  • Insulating and protective materials
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Covering equipment
  • Instruments and appliances for determining the quality of insulation and protective coatings; non-destructive testing and technical diagnostic tools
  • Electrochemical protective equipment and technologies for ground and underwater facilities;
  • Modern anti-corrosion materials
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Technical regulation