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Green Embedded Systems

„ „ Smart Grid - complete solution for building cost-effective, modular AMI/AMR networks of smart meters. The core of the technology is our ultra-small smart data concentrator that reads meter data in real-time and process them on-site, thus distributing the data management and off-loading it from the Meter Data Management (MDM) system. This allows for very low total system deployment and management cost thus making it possible to install virtually anywhere - from small clients with 2-3 meters to large ones with thousands of meters. The MDM level is handled by our advanced web-based energy monitoring portal CloudAMI, which can be either hosted in the cloud or at the customer premises. „ „ Smart Meters and power analyzers - Our meters and power analyzers are with industry leading small size (from 1 position DIN rail size, up to 4 position) with very competitive prices, without compromises in features and quality. „ „ R&D - We offer professional design services in the field of embedded systems - including PCB and schematic design, board bring up, embedded firmware, embedded Linux (custom board support packages, drivers, toolchains), prototype manufacturing and testing as well as full management of the development cycle of your embedded projects.

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