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Biogas Flares

Biogas Flares

Manual and automatic high-temperature flares for biogas and landfill gas. Stationary and mobile modular facilities for landfill gas combustion...

Biogas Storage Systems

Biogas Storage Systems

Double membrane biogas storage systems. Standard and top-mounted gasholders. Pressureless systems - gas bags...

Hexa-Cover(R) Floating Cover

Hexa-Cover(R) Floating Cover

Patented floating tiles system for odour, emmission, evaporation and fouling control in open air water tanks, manure tanks, lagoons, industrial reservoirs, tailing ponds etc...

Biogas Desulphurization Systems

Biogas Desulphurization Systems

Biological biogas desulphurization at minimal running costs. Classic and SulphPur heavy-duty reactor columns...

BELFRIE Ltd provides biogas components and equipment of leading European manufacturers:

- Gas-domes, manholes, foam-traps for bioreactors;
- Gas-blowers, filters, condensate pots, chiller and desulphurization systems;
- Gasholders – double membrane biogas storage systems;
- Cover systems for open manure and water tanks to effectively reduce smell, evaporation and fouling;
- Gas-flares and modular combustion installations for low-emission combustion of biogas and landfill gas;

The company provides flexible solutions, short lead time, installation supervision, as well as excellent price - performance ratio as a solid ground for long-life and flawless operation.

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