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Elte GPS Sp. z o.o.

The Elte GPS Group is a producer and supplier of excellent Telematic Solutions dedicated to different business and specially to Companies and Municipal Administration Units responsible for Waste Management. We are producing state of the art Software and Hardware supporting the delivery of services, managing resources and optimizing processes.

We offer customized solution dedicated to achieving substantial increases in efficiency of transport and communication, which increase the quality of rendered services and decrease the operating costs improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

Our key products include following systems:

  • RFID identification of waste containers and bins,
  • barcode identification of waste containers, bins and bags,
  • wireless waste bin and container fill-level monitoring,
  • waste container tracking,
  • dynamic waste weighing on collection trucks,
  • waste collection route planning and scheduling,
  • optimization of route planning and waste collection scheduling,
  • image registration and transfer in real-time,
  • on-line communication between dispatch and vehicle driver via PDA terminal,
  • fuel management system and many more.

Many our customers are applying these solutions, which undergo constant development and updating to provide the operators effective monitoring and sophisticated analytic tools for the provided services. Our systems are flexible and adaptable to the individual needs of customers and can be extended with additional functions.

Elte GPS also provides solutions for water and sewage management, emergency services like fire departments and ambulance services, trucking companies, public transport and railway. Our offices are located in France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Canada. Regarding to South-East-Europe region, Elte GPS already implemented several solutions in Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Address: ul. Medyczna 13, Krakow, Poland
Tel: +48 12 659 20 98