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Green Tech clima Ltd.

Green Tech clima Ltd. is a company focused on high efficiency and low energy products of ventilation, air conditioning and air SMART systems for indoor air purification. As we all know, clean air is of particular importance to everyone, we breathe much more than we drink water, eat, sports, etc. Everything that contains air we breathe in and enters our body. In the long run, dirty air and dust inhalation can cause serious respiratory illness. Dust particles, pollen and mold may provoke or exacerbate allergies, asthma and other diseases. Green Tech clima Ltd. is a representative for Bulgaria and Greece of foobot - monitor for quality and content of particulate matter, VOC's, CO2, indoor humidity and air temperature; Fresh-Aire UV, manufacturers of high-efficiency and low-energy systems of ventilation and air conditioning for air disinfection, maintenance of high efficiency of machines, air purification, energy saving; Titon, UK - High Efficiency and Low Energy Ventilation Systems; DAIKIN - Air Purifiers and Air Conditioning Systems and etc. foobot is indoor air quality monitor that monitors the air in your home and office and, through its LED display, visualizes and identifies air pollutants that affect your health. Air purifiers are entering our daily lives at a fast pace, there are many brands on the market, but only the foobot can visualize what they purify the air from. The air in your home / office can carry up to 100 times more pollutants than the outside air, but with a high quality fresh air system, these worries can be a thing of the past. Open your windows at the right time! Compare your indoor air observed by foobot with geolocal outdoor air -  from the mobile app.

Mini-split air-conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Unfortunately, they, like all air-conditioning systems, are prone to internal mold growth. Mold growth reduces the efficiency of the air conditioning system turbine and can be a serious risk to your health. In addition, the air system spreads a wide variety of biological pollutants in the air, such as germs, viruses, pollen and allergens. Fresh Aire UV Mini UV is proven effective in sterilizing mold and other biological contaminants. The mold is located in the cool moist places inside the air-conditioning system. Mold shortens the life of your air conditioner and loses energy by reducing its efficiency. Fresh Aire UV Mini UV kills the mold and reduces the need for system maintenance. Not all central air-conditioning and ventilation systems are the same, but fortunately, Fresh Aire UV's innovative products and systems are compatible with all, regardless of the manufacturer's brand and years of operation.


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