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Vasilev & Tomov LTD

Our company is focused on development, prototytping and production of equipment in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Currently we are producing boilers, pellet burners and specific non-standard equipment, related with our production.

We are a patent owner for the pellet burners MPE Bistra 40/70. They allow burning pellets of straw, corn stem and many other agricultural pellets without any problem. The machine is equipped  with two pistons. One piston is cleaning the burning chamber from slags before ignition and during the operation, without  interruption of the burning process. Second piston removes the ash under the grill, which makes the device maintenance free. The burners MPE Bistra 40/70 have an exceptional strength, durability, and are built with industrial grade components.

28 Hristo Botev, 7219 Getsovo, Bulgaria

tel. +359 899 263079