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Sofia Investment Agency

Sofia Investment Agency is part of Sofia Municipality and offers a one-stop service for foreign companies, entrepreneurs and startups, looking to set up business in Sofia. We assist international companies in finding business opportunities in Sofia and provide all relevant information and guidance for setting up.The Agency in close collaboration with Sofia Municipality in supporting companies to launch operations in fast and effortless manner.Our team will connect you with key local contacts, will help you assess the local business climate and will enhance the competitive advantages for your business in Sofia.

We will translate what local legislation means for your business and will deliver comprehensive benchmark and opportunity analysis within your industry.Our services are free of charge and always tailored to meet your precise needs.

Our mission is to support Sofia to develop as a modern, innovative and green city; an attractive and preferred place to start and grow a business by local and foreign companies.We support Sofia in creating, attracting, retaining and inspiring talented professionals – entrepreneurs and researchers – that will help turn the city into a center of innovation for high value-added industries.

pl. "Petko R. Slaveykov" 6, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

12 "General Gourko", 4 fl., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria