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ABX - 2008 Ltd


”ABX-2008” Ltd

Mladost 2, Bl. 262, Entr. 2, app. 25

Bulgaria, Sofia 1799

tel.: +359 888/ 21 61 34                            

e-mail: office@abx-2008.eu



“ABX - 2008” Ltd. is the importer of vitamins and minerals, “AmosVital”, Germany;  we  are  manufacturing  “Brewer’s  yeast  +  A,  C,  E” (Saccaromyces  cerevisiae),  observing  the  Technical  Data  Sheet  of  the German company “Soma”. The healthiest is the autolyzed yeast extract because  the  yeast’s  cell  walls  have  been  destroyed.  The  inactive brewer’s  yeast  provides  the  human  organism  with  Vitamins,  valuable essential   Amino   Acids   and   Minerals   from   an   organic   source.   Our products  “APPLE  PECTIN”  (5  g  pectin  daily  =  2  kg  apples)  and “PECTINULIN”  (apple  pectin  and  chicory  root  extract)   provide   the organism  with  soluble  plant  fibres.  We  use  only  specially  selected  raw materials  for  dietary  supplements.  Our  tablets  are  gluten  free,  without added sugar and sweeteners, colouring agents and flavour.

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