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Damascena Rozbio Ltd.
Продуктите, които фирмата предлага на пазара са:

Продуктите, които фирмата предлага на пазара са:

Етерични масла
- Масло от роза;
- Масло от лавандула;
- Розова вода;
- Лавандулова вода;
- Хидратиращ гел за лице с роза;
- Афтършейв  с лавандула;
- Почистващ гел за ръце с лавандула;
Изсушен цвят
- Цвят от роза;
- Цвят от лавандула...

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Damascena Rozbio Ltd.

3, Batenberg  Blvd, entr. 1, apt. 11 

Bulgaria, Kazanlak 6100

tel.: +359 886/ 13 36 74

e-mail: damascenarozbio@abv.bg



A family company mainly cultivating rose and lavender bio - gardens, producing essential oils, floral waters for internal and external application, cosmetic products, etc. Owns its distillery and thus guarantees highest quality of its products.

Damascena Rozbio Ltd is a Bulgarian company, specialized mainly in cultivation, growing and processing of rose and lavender essential oils, floral waters, dried flowers and cosmetic products. The company’s gardens are situated in the most favorable region for those plants’ maximum performance in health, perfumery and cosmetics – The Bulgarian Rose Valley. With a close cycle of production, our quality control spreads throughout the whole process from the garden to the bottle. The company’s production quality has been confirmed by laboratory analysis and ISO certificates.

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