Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition

The third edition of Sofia Sport & Healthy Life exhibition will take place in 2017, combining once again the topics of sport and healthy lifestyle. The main goal of the event is to offer local and foreign companies a chance to present their products at the Bulgarian market and find new business contacts, distributors, producers. The exhibition will showcase sports equipment, healthy products, natural and organic food and cosmetics, diet foods and nutritional and herbal supplements

Dr. Biomaster Ltd.


Dr. Biomaster Ltd.

24 Laiosh Koshut Str., office 8

Bulgaria, Sofia 1606

tel.:+359 2/952 34 49, fax:+359 2/952 60 70 


Since 2003, Dr. Biomaster is one of the biggest producers and distributors of natural immune modulators in Bulgaria. The company imports only superior quality products from Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada and USA.

Since 2017, we are the first company in Bulgaria, which registered and stared importing superior quality CBD products, containing high amounts of cannabidiol. We officialy represent the Austrian company Deep Nature Project for Bulgaria.

Dr. Biomaster is the official representative of the largest European manufacturer of food supplements made of me dicinal mushrooms - the German company Hawlik. Dr Biomaster uses Hawlik’s raw substances in their production.

The medicinal mushrooms are grown in ecologically clean regions, according to bio - directives of IMO, Switzerland. The process of extract preparati on uses the technology "shell broken", which enhances the bio - availability of the active substances. Regular inspection of the raw materials of every batch by the independent German laboratory AGROLAB guarantees the high quality of Dr. Biomaster’s production.

Dr. Biomaster is the official importer for Bulgaria of the world famous Canadian herbal product ESSIAC® - a powerful natural food supplement, which works as an aid to cancer patients. Dr. Biomaster also officially imports a unique dietary supplement by the Italian company Deca, which is a mixture of Aloe arborescens, honey and distillate. The product provides a powerful support to the immune system.

The offices of Dr. Biomaster are situated in the major cities of Bulgaria. At any of these locations,customers can consult with experienced doctors -naturopaths.In their main office in Sofia, the company offers bio-resonance testing and therapy with the famous German device BICOM®. The bio-resonance technology can detect and remove viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites from the human body.Dr. Biomaster prints and distributes books with information about their natural health methods and products. These books are available in stores throughout Bulgaria.