Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition

The third edition of Sofia Sport & Healthy Life exhibition will take place in 2017, combining once again the topics of sport and healthy lifestyle. The main goal of the event is to offer local and foreign companies a chance to present their products at the Bulgarian market and find new business contacts, distributors, producers. The exhibition will showcase sports equipment, healthy products, natural and organic food and cosmetics, diet foods and nutritional and herbal supplements


Direct Segmental Multifrequency Bio Impedance Analiser

Direct Segmental Multifrequency Bio Impedance Analiser

Professional body mass analysers InBody are characterized by uncompetitive accuracy of the measurement results for using a patented technology DSM-BIA Direct Segment Multifrequency - Bioimpedancy Analysis of body mass by 8 dot electrode system providing fixed positions of the measured biological impedance in 5 parts of the body - the upper and lower limbs and hull...


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Bulgaria, Sofia 1606

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ENERGON AD is a representative of InBody -unrivaled professional analyzer of body composition and ZES Brno a.s. – a well-known manufacturer of medical and rehabilitation equipment based on low-frequency pulse magnetic field.