Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition

The third edition of Sofia Sport & Healthy Life exhibition will take place in 2017, combining once again the topics of sport and healthy lifestyle. The main goal of the event is to offer local and foreign companies a chance to present their products at the Bulgarian market and find new business contacts, distributors, producers. The exhibition will showcase sports equipment, healthy products, natural and organic food and cosmetics, diet foods and nutritional and herbal supplements

Sodexo Pass Bulgaria / Sport Pass

Sport Pass - за работодатели

Sport Pass - за работодатели

Sport Pass е иновативна социална придобивка, насочена към вашите служители, която им предоставя възможност всеки ден да опитват различни спортни активности в избрано от тях време и място...

Sport Pass - за служители

Sport Pass - за служители

За вашето здраве и качество на живот Спортувайте всеки ден и се радвайте на свободата на избор между различни спортни активности и специални отстъпки навсякъде и по всяко време...

Sodexo Pass Bulgaria/ Sport Pass  

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Sodexo Pass Bulgaria is one of the biggest companies in Bulgaria, providing services for social benefits and rewards. The history of Sodexo in Bulgaria began in 2003 and today we are serving over 150,000 clients daily, we have partnerships with more than 6,000 companies operating on the Bulgarian market and a network with over 10,000 trading partners.

Sodexo Pass Bulgaria services:
Food vouchers Трапеза Pass
Food vouchers Трапеза Pass in regulation 11
Vouchers Подарък Pass
Vouchers Flexi Pass
Sport card Sport Pass -September 2015 we added to our portfolio Sport Pass. Sport Pass is a sport card which provides unlimited access to an extensive network of sports clubs and a variety of sport activities.