South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2017

The EE & RE Exhibition puts on display a great set of existing energy technologies and it is a starting point for the launch of innovative products. It facilitates the development of energy sector and encourages the large-scale usage of energy-saving solutions in South-East Europe. It covers all sectors of renewable energy and energy saving technologies – solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, LED, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, batteries and power systems, green buildings, etc.


Represented by Quatrogi


Termogamma is an Italian firm with consolidated experience in the ENERGY production sector. Its systems and design stem from a particularly efficient production facility located at the Italian plant and, consequently, from a relatively simple assembly process at the destination site. Thanks to its “plug & play” design, Termogamma is among the leaders in the Italian “Manufactory” sector which is exported throughout the world.

Termogamma’s contribution to the issue of “energy and environment” is deduced from the certified performance of its cogeneration systems: the yield from natural gas combustion in the Termogamma systems, measured between 80% and 85%, compared with 46% of a normal generation system, which releases the remaining energy into the environment in the form of heat.

Termogamma’s cogeneration systems guarantee a very high quality standard in energy production. Self-production avoids voltage drops and dispersion in the distribution grid but, above all, it generates considerable savings.