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Energy Management with ElectriQube

ElectriQube – system for predicting, balancing and managing non-balances, manufacturing schedules and reports in the production and consumption of electric power

Interview with Mr. Petar Nelkov, Manager of the company Devision, creators of ElectriQube. The company is extremely successful in the development of web and mobile solutions – from websites and online stores to complex business and mobile applications.

Mr. Nelkov, what necessitated the creation of ElectriQube?

We held meetings with electricity traders and learned a lot about their problems. One of them was the high values of non-balances and losses. The opening of the electricity market and respectively the increasing number of electric power producers complicate the problem with the balance of demand and supply. On the other hand, energy traders face the problem of high values and non-balances which results in losses. This is exactly what necessitated the development of a solution, a comprehensive software and hardware system for balancing and managing work schedules, as well as for predicting the quantity used by consumers. When no producer has joined the balancing group, the issue of decreasing non-balances becomes even more difficult. One of the options is to add a mechanism for inclusion of additional power, with which to make up for the shortage or surplus. For instance, this could be batteries.

Another problem that the traders shared is the chaos in customer service and the existence of errors in invoice generation. This is exactly why we also developed a customer relationship management module that includes:

  • Contacts, offers, documents
  • Contracts, invoices and payments
  • Integration with payment and accounting systems
  • Customer portal, where each customer may receive online access to their invoices and keep up with their consumption at any time.

The software combines several modules – Balancing and Predicting of Electric Power, Remote Control, Data Analysis and Customer Management. Please tell us in more detail how ElectriQube works.

ElectriQube is a modular system that allows effective use of stocks of resources. In each manufacturing facility (Water Power Plant, Thermal Power Plant, Renewable Energy, etc.), measuring devices are installed, which are connected to the software system in real time. Furthermore, regulators of the manufacturing capacities, through which the software system controls the manufacturing process, are also configured. Thus, automation is achieved in the execution of preset schedules.

In the case of predicting expected consumed electric energy and occurrence of a problem with non-balances, the system allows additional capacities to be joined, which will serve as an equalizer.

Another main module of the system is the monitoring module. Through it, consumed electric power is being monitored in real time. When an extreme value is reached, notifications are sent. The module also allows definition of schedules for the predicted values of consumption, as well as generation of alarms and notifications when these are reached.

The customer relationship management module enables service of a customer base, automatic generation of invoices, contracts and payments, as well as drawing up inquiries for unpaid and expired invoices. All customers of a given electricity trader are enabled to use a customer portal,  through which they can access information about due and paid invoices, as well as any transactions made.

What sectors is your product aimed at? Who are your potential customers?

Our product may be applied by all producers and traders of electric energy – Water Power Plant, Thermal Power Plant, Renewable Energy, etc. With the opening of the natural gas market, our solution will be of use not only to electricity traders, but also to natural gas traders. Industrial enterprises that want to monitor the consumption of resources (electric energy, gas, etc.) in each manufacturing unit and to receive alarms when limits are reached.

How is the software updated in accordance with the new developments in the sector?

An update is made on a regular basis each month within the support the company offers. State-of-the-art technology in programming has been used for the development of the product.

What are the benefits of working with ElectriQube?

There are many benefits, but here are some of them:
1. Decrease of the high values of non-balances.
2. Solution for predicting and managing manufacturing schedules.
3. Order in the customer service and decrease of errors in invoice generation.
4. Transparency and effectiveness in the consumption of electric energy. Notifications when limits are reached.

ElectriQube is an entirely Bulgarian development. Are any foreign companies interested in it?

Yes, and I would like to share that at the end of March our company is participating in the International Specialised Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies CeBIT 2017, 20-24 March 2017, Hanover, Germany.