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Corrosion control systems, air filtration units and special air cleaning ventilation systems presented at Save the Planet

Interview with Mr. Gregory Tsinonis Sales manager, DIMTECH S.A.
Dimtech S.A provides environmental services and products.  Please present in brief the company activity.

DIMTECH S.A.was founded in 2007 aiming at the design and manufacturing of air pollution abatement and air quality systems. The removal of air polluntants is a matter of major importance for the protection of the environment and the improvement of people’s quality of life. We design and construct our systems so they can fully accompish the demands of any application. Our consulting department is staffed with experienced air-filtration engineers and our construction department is fully equipped with machinery and tools for the production of our systems.

Where do your systems find application?

Our systems can be used for the removal of particulate and gaseous polluntants, aiming at environmental protection, air quality improvement and protection from corrosive polluntants. Our systems can be incorporated in odor removal installations for restaurant kitchens, in hospitals, commercial buildings, museums, industrial facilities, marine installations, laboratories,cooling stores etc. The removal of the air pollutants is based on the dry scrubbing technique, with chemical filters. This technique is known for its effectiveness, simplicity and ease of installation and operation of relevant units. Each air pollution case is handled individually working together with the customer for the design of the system.

What is your quality policy and what kind of support do you offer to your clients?

We control and support our existing systems using software procedures and equipment that we have developed especially for our demands. By the end of  2016 DIMTECH S.A. has installed more than 1000 Air Filtration Systems in a multitude of places and their operation has been designated as fully satisfactory by our customers. DIMTECH S.A. is an ISO 9001 certified company.

What of your products will you present at Save the Planet?

At Save the Planet we will present odor control solutions, corrosion control systems, air filtration units, biogas desulfurization units, air filters ,plastics technology, special air cleaning ventilation systems. They can be used in Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Refineries. Also they find application in Wastewater Treatment Plants, Sewage Pump Stations, Points of Waste Transfer, Municipal Solid Waste Londfills, Commercial Buildings, Industry and food industry.

In which countries do you plan to expand your market share?
 We are planning to expand our market on the Balkans, especially in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.