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Comfort with Swedish heat pump systems – NIBE

Ralica Marinova – Commercial director 

Mrs. Marinova, the products of NIBE enable an individual solution for each client depending on the conditions and needs. Give us more information about the product portfolio of NIBE.

NIBE Energy systems is a leading manufacturer of heating appliances on the market in Europe, with respective companies in Germany, the Czech Republic,  Poland, Russia, as well   the Scandinavian countries. Our production range is exclusively diversified, but on the Bulgarian market we emphasized the supply of various types of thermal pumps (geothermal, air pumps and such for used air) and naturally on all necessary accessories for assembling of reliable, high quality heating systems by the Swedish standard.

What makes NIBE heat pumps different than others offered on the market?

The high quality, reliability and high efficiency. When installing a heating system with a thermal pump, it is mandatory to select a high quality and reliable product in order to secure trouble-free operation in cold days, even at temperatures below   -250C.

The investment in the thermal pump at the same time is intended to reduce the operational costs and that depends on its efficiency.  NIBE thermal pumps have proved and demonstrated those characteristics on all European markets.  

Give us examples where the products of NIBE have been used.

NIBE manufactures heating appliances for household and industrial needs.  Our customers are from various natures. We have installed heating systems in buildings with industrial production as well as in family houses.  

The company is constantly improving its products in quality and efficiency. What is the latest innovation introduced by NIBE?

The recent new inventor thermal pump is Air/Water NIBE F 2120 mono-unit for heating to -250 and cooling. Its SCOP exceeds 5 or for each consumed kW/h electricity, the thermal pump shall transfer 5 kW/h heat energy. It should be noted that it has been designed for trouble-free operation in high humidity environment.  

How can your customers obtain information via the Internet about the current state of the heat pump and heating in their property?

During the recent years NIBE introduced a new web interface – NIBE Uplink, that offer to our customers fast and easy distant control of the thermal pump, located in the property. By that exclusively efficient tool you can not only observe and control the heating / cooling and hot water, but in the low-probability case of fault in the system you will receive an alert message that allows reacting immediately.

All pumps must have a label for energy class. What are the indicators that are reflected in it? What should the consumers pay attention to?

The introducing of labels is intended to orient the customers to select the appropriate product and for that purpose the products are tested to certain requirements of the standard. That allows for comparing the various products on the market and easily establishing which one is more efficient at certain requirements. It is important for the customer to know what is his/her installation – low (up to 35°С), intermediate (up to 55°С) or high temperature and check which is the product most appropriate for his/her needs.

What would you advise people who still have not decided whether to install a heat pump system? Why to choose this technology? What are the main benefits?

The advantages of thermal pumps, in that number NIBE pumps are numerous. Minimum servicing time, possibility for cooling, the lowest price of  heat energy, automated operation, comfort, compatibility with various heat sources etc.  Speaking summarized, they increased the quality of life and heat comfort in one household.

My advice to the people who want to install thermal pump is to consult the manufacturer and designers in advance about the selection of thermal pump and compatibility to the remaining part of the installation. It is important to select the appropriate product for respective needs in order to achieve all advantages of the technology.

NIBE thermal pumps  can be adapted to various systems in order to achieve maximum efficiency  and save time. NIBE is not only „thermal pump”, but also  „thermal pump system ”.

What contacts you would like to make at the exhibition? What are your main customers?

Our customers are people looking for reliable and efficient solution to achieve temperature comfort in premises; people who are aware of the quality and experience of Swedish production and who are ready to trust us to meet their expectations.