South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2017

The EE & RE Exhibition puts on display a great set of existing energy technologies and it is a starting point for the launch of innovative products. It facilitates the development of energy sector and encourages the large-scale usage of energy-saving solutions in South-East Europe. It covers all sectors of renewable energy and energy saving technologies – solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, LED, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, batteries and power systems, green buildings, etc.

BNL Clean Energy AG

Hall 1

Interview with Mr. Mikael Rüdlinger - inventor and CEO at BNL Clean Energy

Interview with Mr. Mikael Rüdlinger - inventor and CEO at BNL Clean Energy

BNL Clean Energy is going to participate for the first time in Smart Cities. Please, present your company and its main activity.

The BNL Clean Energy Group provides standardized modular Zero Emission Zero Residue Clean Energy plants for biomass and waste-to-energy solutions. Our proprietary, patented thermo-chemical technology generates clean energy and produces synthetic fuels without any harm to the environment. Your sustainable clean energy solution!

What are you going to present during the exhibition?

Models of our Zero Emission Zero Residue solutions.

Please tell us more about your solutions, in which areas can they find application?

The BNL Clean Energy solutions will be used by small towns, which must not put municipal solid waste on landfills any longer. But also by processing industries and logistic centres, who want to get rid of waste, but at the same time benefit from the heat and electricity that can be generated.

Can you give an example of a recently realized project? Have you been active in South-East Europe before?

Our first plants will soon be operational in Germany. We have not yet entered into the South-East European market.

Are you looking for new business partners or distributors in Bulgaria and the Region?

When we enter into Bulgaria we will do so by opening our own company here.

Visitors from which specific branches would you like to invite at your stand? Who would benefit the most from your solutions?

We want to meet managers from all kind of processing and manufacturing industries, but also operators from utilities. And politicians on all levels, of course.