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Hybag Automationen AG

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Interview with Mr. Peter Stämpfli, Hybag Automationen AG

Hybag Automationen AG is not a debutant at Save the Planet .  Several years you have been among the participants. What makes the market in the region interesting for your company?
We are looking into the future. The separation,the treatment of organic waste  and renewable energy is a growing theme because the landfills will disappear also in Bulgaria.

The system Tutto permits large quantities of bio waste to be processed. Why this system is so reliable?
The patented Hybag system is developed to treat large quantities of organic recyclables from the food industry and nevertheless to reach a very high substrate quality with minimum contained impurities and a smallest particle size. This results in a high gas yield, less fermenter cleaning intervals, a high quality fertilizer and therefore in a maximum sustainable profit for the customer.

Hybag Filtro  is used to treat the fine screenings. Please tell us more about the system.
The wastewater contents a lot of organic fraction from the households . The Hybag Filtro system separate the organic part of the fine screenings in wastewater plants. There is no easier way to reduce incinerate costs and earn a high gas yield.

What solutions will you present in Sofia?
We present the whole offer line from Hybag. This include different systems to treat organic recyclables from the food industry like supermarket, restaurant, wastewater plants, food producers and separated hosehold organics.

From which sectors are you looking for clients and partners?
Our partners are biogas plant owners, planners and builders, supermarkets, waste collectors, communes as well as food producers.